Booze free for 2 months!

Well, I did it! Booze-free for 2 whole months, and I feel so much better for it. I could easily go for longer, but 'tis the festive season, so it will be interesting to see how my body copes with a cheeky glass or two of vino.

And of course, no booze = no nibbles such as chocolate, cakes, crisps, junk in general, (not missed) and no bacon butties - a weekend treat (now they have been missed!)

I'm on week 9 of the plan, in the 'stone below' and I've lost a whole stone! It's been hard work, but I joined a new gym and now running for 30 minutes twice a week as well as using weights. Now need to pluck up the courage to join a class (I am so un-coordinated, it's not a pretty sight).

So far I've taken 4 bin bags of unwanted clothes to charity, and last night I cleared out another bag full. My wardrobe now contains clothes I can fit into - and feel fabulous in. No more opening the door and reaching for the 'cover-up' outfit that makes me feel old and frumpy, and anything that doesn't make me look good is a gonner.

I still have more to lose, and Christmas and New Year will be a challenge, but I know I can pick up the plan again in the New Year and start to feel fabulous all over again. Good luck to you all, wherever you are on your journey. Remember, you are in full control of your destiny. Lose the flab and love the fab!


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7 Replies

  • Loving this post Jane, it makes me feel all perky :)

    Well done for being booze free for 2 months, be careful when you do have your first after such a long abstinence, it might go straight to your head :)

  • Yes, my OH is eagerly awaiting the comedy value of me getting tipsy on one glass of wine!

  • Well done on your willpower and weight loss. It must feel really good. . I have not had alcohol since the 7th September. I think I am staying off it for another 6 months then I will decide if I do have the will power to stay off it.

  • Snap Aqua, I've been "dry" the same length of time :)

  • Wow - that really is willpower! Good luck, I hope you achieve your goals.

  • What a lovely happy post - you've done great and the clear out of clothes sounds good fun.

    I had no alcohol all of November and this feels so good I have decided to make a year of it - I am not going to drink again until November next year when I will go on a winetasting course.

  • Go for it Gonti! So many inspiring people giving up alcohol - I must say I do feel much better for it - and being hangover-free every weekend is such a great feeling!

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