Teeny tiny jeans

Hiya everyone. I am trying to stop myself repeatedly falling off the wagon (usually due to either wine or free food on offer)

So. With four weeks to go for Christmas my challenge is can I get into my very beautifully cut teeny tint jeans for Christmas day? I've never gotten into them before but they're a constant reminder of where I want to be. I think I need to be about half a stone ish down. Can I do this in four weeks? And how do I stop getting lured away from my own discipline? What motivation do you guys use - ideally that allows you to still have some kind of life if possible - I have a very sociable job and temptation is EVERYWHERE.....


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  • Hi and welcome sequinnedsinger :)

    I'm afraid if you're wanting to lose that half stone and fit into those teeny tiny jeans, you're going to have to put in the hard yakka, to quote our friends down under :)

    It'll take 4 weeks of resisting the free food and wine and sticking to a healthy, calorie controlled meal plan.

    I'll leave you with some links to places you may find helpful and wish you all good luck with your quest :)





  • Thank you so much those links are great! I am finding will power a real struggle working some really lovely Christmas parties where it's expected of you to dine with the client....I think I am going to have to man up a bit here and up the ante with exercise and be discreetly selective about what I eat (nothing worse than having someone at your table being a buzz kill when everyone is letting their hair down)...thanks again for your help 😊

  • When everyone else is guzzling the free wine, there's no way that they'll notice that you're drinking sparkling water and nibbling on a carrot stick! :)

  • Ha ha! Very good point 😊

  • i have lost 20kg in 3mouth thanks to nhs

  • Incredible achievement! Well done 😊

  • Let us know how you get on as I am doing a similar challenge which has all the same trappings.

  • I certainly will... it's so easy to be disciplined at home but being out and about makes it so difficult! Good luck 😊

  • Weigh your self every 30 minutes - I guarantee you'll make it!

    What's your weekly weight loss target? 7 lbs in 4 weeks - 2 lbs a week.

    Be ruthless with the calorie counting - do you know what intake and exercise you need to lose 2Lbs in a week? This is crucial knowledge!

    Just sit back and have a laugh at everyone else stuffing themselves with unhealthy rubbish - they are going to feel sooooo bad in January and you won't!

    You have highlighted a real issue for me at least, though. How to keep on the healthy eating & exercise regime as we head into bad weather, dark evenings and mornings, let alone the excesses of the festive season.

    I'm having a bootcamp week this week running at the gym, running up and down the hills of the Yorkshire Pennines, or cycling Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri. might get to the circuit training class on Saturday morning. I'm spending a lot more time in the Gym, but have managed to get out on the bike this morning. The healthy eating is easier but still - socialising is always an issue. Had a fantastic steak sandwich I had;t planned for yesterday. I'm just having to knuckle down and count the calories and keep on the scales!

    Good luck to you! 2 lbs a week is doable. Let us know how you get on!

  • Two lbs a week is definitely the aim - hopefully with a bit of 'tightening up' and toning which should help. I find when I am home it's straightforward but when I am away and on the job it not only presents limited food choices but also often makes exercising nigh on impossible! I am going to give it a damned good go though 😊 got a couple of days at home now so that's a good kick start!

  • Hi it is more than doable! I found keeping visual motivation helps me. Old photos of where i dont want to go back to. Clothes i aim to get into etc. You can still enjiy life its all about making better choices, for example if you know you are going out for a meal look at the menu before hand and plan what you will have in advance and maybe eat a lighter lunch. Whatever it takes to still enjoy life and strive towards your goals x

  • Thank you! Very sound advice. I am going to hang the jeans by my fridge I think 😊 hopefully that'll help with being at home. At work I am often surrounded by beautiful dancers too - maybe I'll use them as inspiration...but better be careful not to stare fixedly at them...that could be awkward πŸ˜•

  • Visual motivation is great! Each time you reach for something thats not on your plan ask yourself do you need this to get into those jeans? A doughnut is probably a no lol. Keep focused hun you can do this

  • Hi all. Quick update on the teeny tiny jeans situation. I have weighed myself....I am six pounds down from my last post - 9 down in total. By now I am svelte like and should be in my jeans right? WRONG. I tried them on today. Yes they go all the way up (apart from the muffin top) but no they do not fasten and no they do NOT look good. It appears I underestimated how much I needed to lose for them πŸ˜• so as I only intend to lose another 5lbs total to get to my final goal I am wondering whether it still won't be enough but I will be happy with my weight. So here's my verdict...if in 5lbs time I can zip them up and feel like Kate Moss hurrah! If in 5lbs I still can't make it work then so be it.

    Screw you teeny tiny jeans....you were from a charity shop anyway....πŸ˜‰

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