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Week 2

So I went up during week 2 by 1lb.

I did lose control on portions so I'm working on getting that sorted and increasing my workouts.

How do you all get back on track from a set back?

I've had the general thought going in my head that I just can't do it and I'll never get to my goal weight which I'm 27lbs away from now.

How else do you try to stop yourself from self sabotaging?

Week three has been ok so far but I plan on stepping it up the next few days before week 4 comes around on Monday.

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Hey Mary

Sorry to hear about your 1lb gain, but it's not too bad and you can definitely get rid of it - I know it seems impossible to lose weight sometimes and that's simply because the body is a very intelligent design and when we try to lose weight it's like we are trying to outsmart it and that's just not possible

I am starting to learn that it's not about fighting with my body and it's processes, but learning what exactly it is doing and work with it.

What kind of food do you eat? and what is your workout plan?

For me, getting back on track is a 'take it one day at a time' thing - if I managed to have 1 completely good day, then I find that the next few days are easier.

I try not to let setbacks deter me, but it's hard to fight the thought process of 'oh I have already ruined the day might as well just enjoy it and have everything bad'

reading success stories usually helps :-) I am sure you will get there

good luck!


Hi Gracie Thank you! I'll learn to work with my body!

That's probably it, I don't have a set food plan. I generally just try to eat less of the bad stuff and eat clean for the most part. I find myself sometimes overdoing the bad stuff and I guess that's where I go wrong.


I use any weight gain as a motivator to be more strict. I started on 21 1/2 stones and my healthy BMI was 13 stone 3 lbs. I thought that was impossible and never thought I would get anywhere near it. 15 months later I had got to that weight and since I have lost some more. During that time I had lots of times when I gained weight, mainly due to holidays away, most recently last month when I gained 12 lbs in two weeks. I have stopped worrying about this as I know I can quickly lose it again. The holiday weight has gone away again but I don't lose it by just thinking about it. I get my determined head on and am really strict with my diet until it's gone again.

Weight gain should not be seen as a reason to give up and think why bother. It should be a reason to use more self discipline and make sure we lose it again.. We don't gain weight by accident. We know it was food that made us heavier so we can do something about it.


Super motivational! Thanks Andy, you've put things in perspective for me!


You mustn't give up. The 12 week plan isnt really a diet it's about making lifestyle changes so we not only lose the weight but keep it off. Our mistakes teach us so in your case you've learn that your portion sizes are too big and you need to step up your exercise. So you refocus and don't think about the number of lbs to lose. Keep doing the daily diary move more and eat within your calorie allowance. Drink water. You can so do this. Good luck


Thank you Florence!

You basically gave me snappy pep talk so I'll take your advice and keep it moving! You are right, I've got this!


Sorry to hear you gained a lb Mary but it's not so bad after such a good week last week. The only way to really prove those demons wrong is to lose those 27lbs once and for all. Also face some home truths. Why were your portions oversized? For me, I find I'm more likely to succumb to larger portions of certain foods, so I try to stay away from them, try to have different things instead. Also having wholegrain / brown versions of certain carbs can help you feel fuller, e.g. brown pasta, brown rice, sweet potatoes instead of normal potatoes, etc. Try to approach your exercise in a sustainable way too, gradually increase and incorporate it into your daily /weekly routine. Good luck :)

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Hey Ruth!

I had a very stressful week, anxiety got the better of me and I think that's what triggered my over eating.

But you are right. In reality, it isn't so bad.

I'm just super hard on myself. I'll remain positive and carry on. :)

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