3 chicken curry recipes for those 'who can't cook'

Tonights dinner is chicken curry and I make 3 different ones all at once, cost and time effective, each one serves 2-4 depending on appetite and can be frozen to be reheated at a later date.

Shopping List ( rough costs)

1.2kg bag chicken mini fillets ( iceland £4)

6 onions ( from a value pack costing £1 which had 24 in)

1 500g box passatta ( 39p most supermarkets)

6 fat garlic cloves ( i grow my own, but a bulb costs about 40p)

1 green pepper ( from a value bag of 7 costing £1.17)

150g mushrooms ( from a 400g value tub costing 75p)

2 heaped tsp tikka curry powder ( tin cost £1)

40g concentrated chinese gravy sauce ( chinese supermarket 450g tub costing £1.50)

40g concentrated malaysian curry sauce ( chinese supermarket 459g tub costing £1.50)

1/2tsp chilla powder ( chinese supermarket 30p for small bag)

So to purchase everything ( if you had none of the ingredients) the cost would be about£12.01. Broken down to cost for all 3 curries would be about £6.

The calories for each curry ( per panful - divide between how many you serve)

Tikka curry 440kcals.

Chinese gravy 'curry' 634kcals

Malaysian curry 666kcals.

Now the recipes.

Finely slice the onions, chop the chicken, grate the garlic. Heat 3 nonstick pans with 1 tsp oil in each, then divide the onions, chicken and garlic equally between the pans.To one of the pans add the green pepper sliced, to another of the pans add the mushrooms sliced. Put the lids on the pans, turn heat to low and cook for 10 minutes. Take the lids off the pans and add 200g passatta, 2 cups hot water and the malaysian curry paste to the one with the peppers, 100g passatta, 2 cups hot water,the gravy paste and the chilli powder to the one with the mushrooms, then the tikka powder, 2 cups hot water and 200g passatta to the third pan. Stir each pan well and cover with the lids, raise the heat until lightly bubbling, stir each again and recover, turn heat low/ med and cook another 15 minutes, stirring every 5 minutes or so.

My family like to have a small ladle of each with some thai jasmine rice, I divide all 3 pans between 8 which gives a calorie count of just under 220 per portion without the rice. This then gives me an 'eat meal and freeze meal' for each of us. I sometimes do enough rice for 9 tubs and divide each curry into 3 portions, which then gives me 9 meals in total. I label with calories and freeze.

Phew, really long winded hey, lol. I hope the recipes are reader friendly. 😊

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