Really struggled today

Instead of having a sandwich for lunch, I had a ham and egg salad. Didn't fill me up at all. And I felt lethargic most of the afternoon. Was tempted to get popcorn on the way home. But given there are no buffer trolleys on buses, thought I'd be safe. That was until a chap in front of me starting eating a packet of M&S mini poppadums!!

Lizzy (salivating at the back of the bus)


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13 Replies

  • I so feel for you, I have a salad everyday for lunch, and some days it doesn't hit the spot!

    Hmmmm mini poppadums .....

  • Plan on having it tomorrow but will bulk it up more and include avocado.

  • I either have put lentils,or lately avocado. Keeps me going nearly all day, yum 😋

  • I have soup for lunch most days. I really recommend that. It fills your tummy quickly and it is difficult to eat too much.

  • What's your favourite flavour, Aqua-Marine? And do you make your own?

  • I love most soup. I don't eat meat except fish, so eat vegetarian soups. I think parsnip or one of italian ones with tomatoes and beans in rank pretty high. I do make my own but I often buy a fresh soup from supermarkets. It is a really good way to keep on track with a diet. It is my go to food. Nutritious and never over calories.

  • Love soup, make my own with chicken")

  • Try adding roast veg and chickpeas to the salad, but yes avocado is ace too. Also, I've been having soup too, e.g. Suma carrot soup is nice. Just made a batch of watercress soup too which contains potatoes for bulk, should be quite filling. Also, as always I really recommend keeping snacks to hand, especially for at the end of the day, say about an hour before heading home. Hope tomorrow goes better :)

  • Hi Lizzy,

    How high is your carb intake, do you normally have a sandwich everyday? For me I find that after I eat anything with heavy carbs especially for lunch it makes me way more tired. If I had a footlong subway I'd be asleep at my desk.

    - Tom

  • Try adding more protein to your salad in the way of fish, meat or beans. It is the protein that makes you feel full for longer

  • Well you are all so so good. On grey days and wet days there is no way I would be eating salad.

  • Agree with sibyll, I love salad but need something warm when it's cold outside. I've started cooking extra veg in the evening then I can heat it in the microwave at work and add whatever I would have put with my salad eg feta cheese,egg, tuna. It's warm and comforting without being carb heavy which would make me sleepy like somone above said ☀️

  • Hi Fran,

    I sometimes have a pile of different veg with butter and grated cheese on.

    I have had a seasonal cold and have come off the diet but have tried to hold back from cakes, biscuits and milk chocolate. It was also enough to just take the dogs for two little walks locally - so no route marches. Yesterday I weighed myself and was delighted to find I had not gained in weight. However today I had a friend here for lunch and made spicy salmon en croute with French chips, brocolli and carrots. Finishing with saucy lemon pudding and that thick thick double cream that your spoon can stand up in - loverly lol. I do not intend to weigh myself tomorrow lol.

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