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Why did I worry about this week

I left a post last Monday worrying about overnight in hotel and couple meals out thanks to all who replied with encouragement and tips. Well only my weigh-in tomorrow will tell but I think it was okay. Eating in a pub on Wednesday lunchtime we went to a Wetherspoons and gold stars to that chain every item on the menu is calorie counter. I had the skinny steak which was lovely and eating in a restaurant on the Saturday evening I asked for a steak with just a bowl of salad it wasn't on the menu but wasn't a problem. At the hotel I was sensible and strong willed also as after mentioning that I was on a diet to waitress when having my evening meal she then asked if she could get me a bowl of fresh fruit when I declined all the desserts. Fingers crossed for my weigh-in tomorrow I don't mind not losing just don't want to have put any pounds back on

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Wow! That is so nice that everyone was so encouraging at the hotel. Good for you that you were able to stick to your diet. Fingers crossed! Good luck!


Very positive. Shows your mind is working on healthy.


Well done - really pleased it went well for you.

We had a work Wetherspoons lunchtime trip the other day - it was "Chicken Day"!!! Like you I was knocked out by the calorie counted everything - SO helpful. Helped me choose something and then really enjoy it (as opposed to choosing and then either leaving the dressing / coleslaw etc - or eating it but then feeling guilty and doing the downward spiral thing later!).

Rather hoping that some other well-known chains will follow ...

Anyway, welcome back to what is hopefully a more "normal" week. Good luck!


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