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A month of commitment

From today and for all of November me and hubby have committed ourselves to saving like made and focus on me losing weight. Next year we would like to start trying for a family and have seen one of our friends have additional worries throughout her pregnancy due to her weight.

Hubby is going to be really supportive and eat more healthily but he doesn't really need to lose any weight. He does the evening meal so this makes things a lot easier for me. It's a bit of a different story for me. I've so far lost one stone but I'm nearly two stone over the top of my healthy weight range. My aim for November is seven pound off and then to maintain until the new year as I often gain significant amounts over December.

Starting weight: 12st 2.4lbs

Goal for end of November: 11st 9.4lbs

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Good morning, sounds like you have a great plan. I think having your husband to prep meals sound wonderful. Best of luck


good plan! and attainable goal! fingers crossed fro you

have you joined the Monday weight in?



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