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At risk of falling by the the wayside?!

Hi guys!

It's hard to admit, but I think I'm at risk of falling off the diet wagon!

I hope that by making it 'public' knowledge, it will strengthen my resolve?

The last time I posted my weight progress, I had lost 1st 1lb, and I felt so proud of myself! I'd be so annoyed to put it back on!! I have not weighed in for a while now....and I'm not sure I want to!!!

The puzzling bit of it is that I found calorie counting so easy....maybe that's why I'm struggling now? Too sure of myself that is easy, so I can just get back on the diet tomorrow? I mean, I'm not bingeing or anything - I'm simply eating things that I *know* I shouldn't! Why am I doing that????

I have found that i experiment more with my food, especially veg ( roasted butternut squash soup yesterday - never tried it before....very tasty!), but then I go and spoil it all with chocolate, crisps or biscuits!

I'm basically sabotaging myself, aren't I?!? And I know I'm doing it....the question is, how do I stop myself!

Time to re-read the basics of the 12 week plan, I think? Start all over again?

Thanks for listening to my ramblings.....sometimes it helps to see your problems in black and white!

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Here's a thought, why not make yourself accountable by joining the Monday weigh in. You've been weighing yourself fortnightly, nothing wrong with that, except if you "cheat" a little, psychologically you can think to yourself, oh it doesn't matter, I've got 12 days to work that off, 11 days, 10 days........until suddenly there are no days left, only a fortnight's worth of over eating, then it becomes scary to get on the scales and easier to think, oh well I've blown it, I knew it would happen, it always does, dieting doesn't work for me, I may as well resign myself to being fat..........does any of this sound familiar?

Read through some of the old Monday weigh in threads, they're the most inspirational and motivating things you could ever come across. Apart from the weighing in bit, I love Mondays just because of that thread :)

Come on NiCherry, don't give up, you've done so well and worked so hard. Don't waste all that effort, you're worth so much more.


Moreless....i think you may have hit the nail on the head - weekly weigh ins may just help!

I'll pop in shortly!

Thanks for you help!

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Don't beat yourself up too much... Well done for acknowledging it, pick yourself up and keep going. It happens to us ALL!

Don't know if this would help but whenever I crave something I shouldn't, I tell myself if I still want it in X amount of time I can have it. I usually get distracted or talk myself out of it by then. Might help for those time when the chocolate biscuits are a calling.

Bon courage! You can do it!


I think that, and the scales are kind to me, the damage isn't as bad as I thought


We all have bad times. But don't just think that's it and walk away. The problem is that is the path to having to start again with a bigger problem. I speak from experience. Please just write the small gain off to experience and start again. :-)

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Hi NiCherry,

Hope your weigh-in goes ok tomorrow, and that it's not as bad as you're anticipating. It can sometimes feel a bit wobbly on the weight loss wagon, but I don't think you're falling off - the people in this community wouldn't let you fall in anycase - and I notice Moreless has mentioned the Monday weigh-in group - you are of course very welcome to join us if you want to - but I am aware that you do your own fortnightly weigh-in posts, and that you have some supportive responders to that post, so maybe you find that motivation enough - so please don't feel swayed to join the larger group, unless you want to of course! :-)

With regard to your questions about the crisps, biscuits etc, they can sabotage your plans if you have them available and accessible. It can help to try to 'allow' yourself some of those things as pre-planned 'treats' - it can help to do that, in terms of rationing them, as it means that you don't then deprive yourself and end up eating lots of them in one go. That's the theory anyway...! I guess it's a very individual thing.

Your butternut squash soup sounded really tasty. I love soups - really tasty and filling. I'm hoping to make a cauliflower soup next as I have bought a really nice large cauliflower and need to do something with it.

Anyway - good luck for tomorrow.

Lowcal :-)


Hi NiCherry, sorry to hear you are struggling at the moment.

I wonder if maybe you are restricting yourself too much - as Lowcal said maybe you need to build in the off treat to your day. I usually allow myself around a 100 cal chocolate treat a day - and boy do I need it. But this simple thing keeps me on the straight and narrow the rest of the time and I never feel guilty about it.

I am sure you already know there are lots of low cal crisps out there too - French Fries, Quavers & Square Crisps - all below 100 cals I believe.

It is good you are sharing your wobbly with us instead of slinking off from the forum and trying to deal with it alone. We all get these wobbles even after months of hard work and it is so frustrating but you just have to dust yourself down and start afresh tomorrow.

Get yourself back up onto that wagon, we're all rooting for you :)

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Rooting for you here as well. It's completely normal to let off steam and 'have a break', but then you just need to get straight back on it. Re-start the 12 week plan tomorrow morning. Try to remove all those temptations, plan lots of tempting calorie-counted meals and snacks, and some good goals and rewards to work towards. You're right that your 1 stone 1lb loss is amazing and really needs to be safeguarded. We will happily hold you accountable. Keep popping in, tell us how you get on over the next few days, we'll keep propping you up until you're fully back on that wagon again :)


You CAN do it NiCherry 🙌

I have had a "low" a while ago and eaten what I shouldn't. I sometimes wonder if our body needs a "break" before being ready for the next phase?!?

You know you can do it, you've gotten this far!

Be proud - draw that line under it and go for it !!!


hi, cherry

psychologically you have proved to yourself that you are capable of over riding your natural impulses to snack. you have won the cup, but the season hasn't ended yet; its one game per week, so prepare for the next game. and the one after that. and the one after etc. etc. and don't let your impulses take you for granted.


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