Cold turkey?

I fed up of writing a food diary and monitoring everything I do

1, food

2, exercise

3, mood

4, toilet habits ( yes I do that as well) need to keep regular

5, magazine articles reading everything to do with weigh loss

6, I am warn out

I will use this site( it's smashing & you lot are fab) and try to not focus on the other bits, it's taken over my life....

I'm exhausted by it all.


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19 Replies

  • Welcome! ;)

  • Enough already!! Definitely time for a totally new interest or hobby, that has nothing to do with diet etc. You may then find your maintenance weight takes care of itself !! Try learning chinese that will keep your mind occupied lol !

  • elliebath

    I'm already fluent with Chinese...also Indian,fish and chips,kick, lol

    Thanks xxx

  • 😁😁😁x

  • Smileys confuse me! Think I meant 😂

  • I read an article in the independent about folk bring over obsessed with my fitness pal app and stuff to a dangerous level.

    We need balance and calm, ( something I'm missing now), try not to stress and do what you have to do, life goes on

  • Diana

    Cold turkey it is !!!

  • Stephfisher67

    Any guidance is very welcome, I need to curb this mindset 😖😎

  • I know the feeling, it can become very obsessive and there is real fine line between have an interest and obsession.

    I lost 90% of my weight without calorie counting and by stepping on the scales just once a month. I made things easy for myself by putting in some very simple rules, which I followed to the letter and it worked well.

    Then near the end of weight-loss and during maintenance I started logging everything, keeping a diary, weighing everyday, in fact at one point weighing twice a day. Exercise also became obsessional, with very strict routines, running 12km everyday, 2 hours of additional cardio and strength training most days, average daily steps on Fitbit 30,000 with some days hitting 50,000, beating myself up if I did not make targets or if I could not do a specific evolution like my run for the day due to a family commitment etc.

    Then there was the weight, punishing myself if I gained a pound, even though in maintenance you should expect to fluctuate, being completely miserable on those days! It became like what can only be described as a prison sentence.

    I think it was at that point I realised that I needed to change things, because I was becoming as miserable as I had been pre-weight loss albeit for slightly different reasons, but I was certainly somewhere I did not want to be! I appreciated I needed to do what I had done, it was all part of my journey, it was all part of that massive learning curve and it had served a purpose but I knew I could not continue for the rest of my life like that, for one I think I would have ended up with my wife divorcing me because I had become such a grumpy old man at times.

    So I went from weighing every day to weekly early this year and I am now at a point where I weigh in on the First Tuesday of Each Month only!

    I'd stopped logging food when I moved to a more LCHF way of eating a while back so that was not so much an issue for me by then.

    I had quite a big operation on my shoulder early this year which forced me to slow my exercise pace and actually demonstrated what I believed deep down anyway that exercise was not critical to weight control. So now I run maybe 3 times a week because I want to and enjoy it, I walk the dogs twice a day and cycle if the sun is shining, generally stay active because I want to, not because a piece of tech on my wrist is telling me too :)

    I have a couple of beers at the weekend and the odd dram but I have a what some may view as a quite regimented diet though for me it's not because it has become the normal way of eating and I enjoy the food but the point I am making it's about compromise at the end of the day I think you just need to find something that will work for you, find a compromise where you are able to fulfil your social and lifestyle needs yet are able to obtain a weight you are happy with and maintain it. I guess that's the holey grail.

    Don't give up!

  • Olsbean

    Much appreciated xx

  • Well somehow, this donkeys years old weight watcher plan im doing is working for me, and its almost fun to work out what you can do to make the most of your food exchanges. Once you've planned your day, its finished, and no more calorie counting all day.

    Let me know if you'd like to see it. :)

  • libbydaniels88

    Great any help is great appreciated


  • Hi June, it can take over, can't it.

    I don't record or weigh any food but I stick to the same probably 9 evening meals which are all roughly calorie counted. Makes life easier.

    Good luck with your new regime :)

  • Hi June. I stopped doing myfitnesspal when I got below 10st7, and have relaxed generally. It has definitely resulted in a few days where I felt 'out of control' but I think I'm coping so far! Instead I try to follow a pattern of behaviour now. For example I try to make sure a certain number of meals every week feature salad, that I don't end up buying wine more often than I buy fruit, and that my trainers don't get too dusty. I think it's fair to say that maintenance means you feel you have less control. The goals are less strict, but you still have a feeling of not wanting to fail. I keep telling myself if I need to I'll start logging on myfitnesspal again, but so far as my weight's stayed steady I've taken that as a sign that I haven't gone too far wrong yet... As I understand it you're trying to lose a few pounds just to get to your ideal level - do you think setting up a few behavioural patterns and loose routines might work better than the food diary? Also, maybe just health food magazines rather than weight loss ones might be more appropriate as you're so near to goal?

  • Nice one !!! Will try xxx

  • Hey June! What are you like? Love you loads you wonderful lovely woman! Good luck this week!

  • Portlandprincess

    Back at ya babes 🤓😘

  • I know exactly how you feel! That is why I stopped going to Weight Watchers. In the early days it was very effective and I lost loads of weight and got 5lbs away from goal. I was doing it for 8 years but in the end, from the moment I woke-up until the moment I lay my head on my pillow, I was scribbling away and thinking about points and food non-stop but the weight just kept piling on. I become obsessive, unhappy, despondent and depressed. Dieting Fatigue and then some!

    So, I have had a break from all dieting for the last 4 years and, yes, I have put on more weight but I am now ready to tackle it again. But this is a life style overhaul touching on all areas but focusing on healthy eating habits.

    I've got a pedometer for my walks, do some swimming and I've printed off the 12 weeks off the NHS website to read through at the beginning of each week but apart from that and this website I don't spend every minute of every day thinking about it or writing about it which is a big relief - odd to say I know.

    Ok, so it has only been a week or so, so I can't really say I've solved the problem but I do know exactly where you are coming from. Being slimmer and healthy is important but the journey to get there cannot take over our lives, it should be something that flows (easily) alongside.

    Best wishes

  • SVR28

    Wow!!! You have written my excact thoughts & feelings down !!! Your right it has taken over my life and I will get it back under control again,

    Thank you for replying to me, it helps me feel xx

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