Time to take the next step!

Hi everyone!!!

Well, as i have such a long road to travel, i decided to follow the NHS 12 week plan over 12 months. Maybe I'm wimping out a bit, but i feel more comfortable doing in this way - although I'm not too sure why i felt the need to justify my decision, just then!!!

Anyway, i think its time to move on to week/month 2! I'm going to start the NHS strength /flex exercises ad i can do the at home, and walking - I'll probably alternate each day?.

I have a great pair of walking shoes (i bought them ages ago as I'm developing arthritis in my feet), but do any of you lovely people have any advice or tips for my next step?



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11 Replies

  • Hi NiCherry, I don't think you're wimping out at all, I don't know how much you have to lose but if it's more than you could expect to achieve in 12 weeks it's a really great idea as the goals and structure will support you for longer. I also have arthritis in my feet but have managed to build my walking up to about ten miles and by trial and error have found its having the right footwear that's been the biggest factor in this. I'd say start with a distance you feel you can manage and gradually increase it. Some walking every day is good, but you'll have to see what your feet can cope with. If I do 8-10 miles one day It would be two or three days before I'd do it again, in reality this means most weeks I only walk that far once as I work 5 days, but in between I walk the dog anyway, gentle walks as she's elderly. I've also discovered that for longer walks it helps to stretch after like a runner would to minimise stiff muscles. Good luck☀️

  • Hi NiCherry, not sure committing to a 12 months weight loss plan is wimping out.

    Personally I don't follow the plan (yet), I've simply cut my calories. I am planning to try the plan when I plateau.

    I love the idea of walking (don't always love it so much when I'm doing it) and it really is a great source of exercise.

    Keep up the good work :)

  • Hi NiCherry. You are definitely not wimping out. To commit to this programme for 12 months is amazing! If you are new to exercising, then just start slowly. If you can't do the full workout the first time, don't worry about it, you will get there. Walking is also a great way to exercise, especially on crisp autumn days. Just remember to include rest days, so that you have a chance to recover 😴! Good luck!!!

  • I have a long journey too. I managed the gym for first time yesterday. I only did 40 mins but I guess that is better than nothing. It will be a year for me too. Keep going.

  • Hi Nic,

    This is your journey honey and you can take as much time as you need, hopefully just enjoy it and learn from each and every week😃 the good and the bad .

    I started with just gentle exercise I have a dog so was used to slow walks but would go out on my own and set a distance and time my self. I also bought an exercise video the pound shop !!!

    Try a few different types of exercise till you find something you like, even a bit bop when cleaning helps lol

    Have a lovely week


  • I trained early on this year and did a 20 mile walk but like other posts I gradually built up and make sure you have rest days I use my fitness pal to record my walks and it also works out how many calories you burn.

    I suffer from arthritis in my lower facet joints and had an op in March and just found out I have mild arthritis in my left knee. Key is the right foot wear and also resting between your training days.

  • Thanks everyone!

    I'm hoping that by losing weight and exercising, I can delay the progression of the arthritis? At the very least, the weight loss should relive any pressure on the joints!

    Regular, slow and easy walks in comfy shoes seems the way to go. Build up to longer, more active walls over time!

  • Hi Nic, thank you for posting this...I can suffer when walking...knee or feet. Self diagnosed as arthritis. Did you just go for Al really comfortable pair of shoes or shoes specifically for arthritis?

  • I went to sports direct and bought a pair of karrimore running shoes. They have shock absorbing soles and the construction of them means that the laces can adjust the tightness along the body of the shoe. They cost me about £40, but at the time of purchase I was on my feet at work for 30 hours a week, so I really needed them!!!

    Plus, as I walk on the outside edge of my foot (which may have contributed to the arthritis?) I now have prosthetic insoles to correct the pain in my feet and knees.

    If you suffer from pain in your feet and or knees, I would always suggest you go to your gp. I put it off for years, because I convinced myself that he would just say "what do you expect? Lose weight, and it will get better!". He didn't. He looked at my feet and then referred me to the podiatry clinic...!

  • Thank you....given me food for thought!

  • Hi NiCherry,

    snap I am going to the podiatry clinic on Wednesday for the same reason. I broke an ankle four years ago and as my ankle is weak and will go over I am scared I'll do it again and now have no-one living at home to help.

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