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Taking the tortoise approach

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BoroNanna2021 March
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I'm 5 weeks in to my 12 wk NHS weight loss challenge and I'm 5lbs down. A pound a week isn't much I know but it's lovely to see those numbers going down! I was diagnosed as prediabetic and starting the GP-referred programme tomorrow night. From the emails I've had, just looks like going to Weight Watchers - is that right? Anyone else doing it? What's it like? I need advice on not craving crisps and chocolate!! And potatoes, cake, and all the other lovely things that have got me here πŸ˜‚

12 Replies
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You are doing this sensibly without crazy punishment and it is working . I don't think you need advice as the results and your post seem to have all the answers . You know what you should avoid . Well done .

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BoroNanna2021 March in reply to focused1

Thank you x

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happyjill2021 April

well done !it is so hard even to lose a lb but by golly so easy to put a lb on !

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morelessAdministrator in reply to happyjill

Hi and welcome, happyjill :)

You and BoroNanna may find this helpful healthunlocked.com/weight-l... of the information you need about the forum can be found in Pinned Posts healthunlocked.com/weight-l... and we hope you'll be joining all the Events, Challenges and Clubs that we run, especially a weigh-in and the daily diary.

We've found active participation to be key to successful weight loss and, of course, it's a good way to get to know people, find inspiration and share support and encouragement.

Wishing you all the best :)

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BoroNanna2021 March in reply to happyjill

Oh yes! How unfair πŸ˜‚

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Here are some helpful links for you, BoroNanna healthunlocked.com/weight-l...



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BoroNanna2021 March in reply to moreless

Thank you so much - I really liked the links. I actually have a book by Dr Chatterjee, obviously I haven't followed it!

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morelessAdministrator in reply to BoroNanna

You'll be able to return to Dr Chatterjee's book with renewed enthusiasm :)

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slipstick2st 7lbs

A pound a week was my ambition (that's 3 stones in a year). Now 38 weeks in I'm 2.5 stones down and confident that it's going to stay off.

All I can really say about not craving stuff you know won't help is to make sure to eat plenty of other healthier things instead. Good luck.

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Let us know how you get on with the GP-referred programme.

If you look at the links moreless has given you, you'll see they're not like WWs

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Rosiejet2021 April

Well done you are doing well x

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Hello BoroNanna. I did the 12 week NHS plan and was surprised how much weight I lost. It was slow but steady. Did you download the easy meals. I found them very helpful. I am at my target weight now but still use the meal plan occasionally. It taught me about portion control and that is something I am now able to do. I still get cravings sometimes but I don't keep tempting treats in the house. There is a lot of support on this site and plenty of tips and ideas. Find what works for you and stick with it and you will see the results. Good luck X

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