Parent trying to out do me

Losing 3 stone you would of thought that be fab but my mum is losing weight and not having a family that depends on high carbs and loads of different food groups I do well but any time I try and want he to be proud what I achieve she has to try belittle it but it makes me feel worst and want to eat my problems away any pointers on how I should emotionally deal with this so it don't effect my weight as I want to carry on with my progress but it's so easy to say o what's the point lets get big box of chocolates xx


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9 Replies

  • So sorry your mum is not being supportive, I know how that must hurt. Losing 3 stone totally is fab and don't you believe anyone who tells you different. It sounds like your mum may have issues of her own that she's allowing to affect her behaviour towards you. I would encourage you to stop expecting her to validate your achievements - easy for me to say, not that it's easy to do. We would hope to get validation from our parents but that's sadly not always the case. Keep posting your achievements on this forum and there are plenty of people who will be happy for you. Be proud of yourself and don't let someone else get you down and ruin it for you. 😄 ❤️

  • That is 1 of the best suggestions I think I felt so good after having positive feed back from ppl think be best just not even trying to get her approval like I said always this is for my girls so they can be proud of me I hated parents even as my mum was so big and I got bullied no end I saw them scales and said I would never put my girls through that and made changes x

  • Hi, 3 stones lost is fab. You are losing weight for you and you only! A Carolee says post your achievements here and we will support you :)

    Maybe another way to look at it is that your mum is inspired by you - she has seen what you can do and is trying to have some of it for herself. She may not be going about the best way but try to take something positive from it - you have inspired her!

    Keep up the good work :)

  • Hi Emma....your mum is perhaps feeling a bit insecure and needs a bit of TLC? I know it sounds mad. But just try giving her more love and when ever she says the tiniest thing supportive, smile and tell her you love her. This is sometimes the hardest thing you can ever do....even though it is true!

  • 3 stone is massive - what a GREAT achievement!

    I am guessing that you have always wanted validation from your Mum but it rarely happens....

    That must be tough.

    Lean on us, we're great and you're amazing for losing all that weight.

    Go you!

  • We think our parents should be perfect and speaking now as a daughter and a mother we are not, many of us are very flawed. Please forgive her but do not rely on her for support, sounds like that is not going to happen.

    Be proud of yourself. If nothing else you are learning how not to be a parent.

  • That is an amazing achievement and you should feel incredibly proud of yourself, you carried on when so many others give up. If you can lose 3 stone you can do anything. Devise a mantra to turn any negative comments into a positive so you have a coping mechanism to deal with any bad issues when they crop up. Good luck with your journey.

  • Thank you every1 I never expected this much support and help when I started this journey thank you so much everyone x

  • Bless you, this must be really hard for you, remember how far you have come and how much better you are feeling within yourself. It may be possible that your mum is feeling a bit jealous and is making so much of her weight loss to make herself feel better.

    You have done so well and you need to feel proud of YOUR achievements and let her get on with it. No cake or sweet is ever worth that wonderful feeling you have when you achieve your goal. Look to the people who are supporting you and trust yourself.

    You are amazing so be PROUD :):)

    Hope you have a fantastic week.

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