Birthday advice

It's my birthday on Monday and I've got friends coming up to celebrate over the weekend and I need a little advice about how to handle it. I obviously don't want to be too strict and avoid everything but at the same time I've only recently started on the healthy kick so the habits aren't ingrained yet and I'm worried a bad weekend could derail everything. To be honest it kind of scares me a bit, I'm fed up of my size and don't want to mess this up - I know that sounds melodramatic, it's only one weekend after all but I have a habit of letting a bad couple of days send me right back to bad eating habits.


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9 Replies

  • Bless you! Choose yummy diet recipes that don't seem that way, cook more for the others and serve yourself the right portion.

    Bake a healthier cake, casually mention your efforts, no one wants you to miss out, nor do you want to undo your efforts.

    Wagamama do stuff with calories in their menus as do weather spoons and a few other places, stick to these if poss?

    Say to yourself it's a long journey and the things day by day, enjoy your birthday x

  • Thanks, that's good advice. I'll keep track of what I have and then if/when I go over my daily amount I'll know just how good I need to be next week.

  • Birthdays are once a year, a time to enjoy! Ifs you go a bot over its not the end of the world.

    Get things together in time for christnas

  • have a look online as most places have calorie on their menus so you can work out how much u will eat/use and still have a good time!

    I would plan the sat and sunday in your head too, so plan to go a long walk the next day or to have slightly lower calories

    if your cooking like Nsky24 says portion control your plate but not the others or choose low calorie filling meals, you never know your friends might also be on a diet!

    I think as long as you record it all, even the bad - when I have failed before its because I haven't recorded the bad stuff as I want to just write off that day but it pushes the bad habits more than eating the food itself

  • Plan in advance what you're going to have, even if this will take you a little over your calories. E.g. tell yourself you'll only have one sweet/cake/dessert each day, only 3 alcoholic drinks, only 1 serving at dinner time. Then pace yourself so your plate/glass doesn't become empty too quickly and you're not having to refuse offers of more. Also chat, dance, move around. Sitting still is a great way to end up putting more food and drink in your mouth. Moving around, getting in the flow and having a great time really helps you to avoid temptation. Also wear something you feel great in, great accessories, shoes, do your hair nicely etc. Compliments on how you look will motivate you to stick to your plans too. Most of all have an ace time :)

  • Good advice from everyone and I'll just add - Happy Birthday :-)

  • Thank you

  • It was my birthday last weekend and I still managed a small loss last week. I calorie cycle which means I save calories up if I know I have a celebration coming. So Monday to Thurs I had 200 calories less than my allowance meaning I had 800 extra for the celebrations.

    I plan ahead with menu choices and am mindful of total consumption and portion sizes. Celebration is essential in our lives. We don't need to go totally off the rails though.

    Drink water and herbal teas during the day so you have calories for a celebratory drink or two during the evening. Drink water with ice and lemon alongside other drinks. If you do go over calories just remember this is a marathon not a sprint enjoy your day and start over the next day.

    Happy birthday!

  • Thanks, that's really helpful, I'll take your advice on board.

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