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My gym challenge!

I have just joined the gym in my quest to shift some weight, but getting over the intimidation of being a chubby girl surrounded by super fit, muscular people is certainly challenging. I feel like I'm being watched all the time (partly because I know I'm watching and judging them too!) I'm working on accepting I'm going to look silly at times and make mistakes. At the end of the day I'm there for me and not anyone else so I'm going to keep going and let people judge me if they want - perhaps easier said than done but we'll see!

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Good luck with the gym. Don't worry about what other people think, it's only about you! You can do it!


Hi calm201, you remind me of me when I first entered into the gym. I wrote a post on it and it was such a big day for me. It was titled ' I made it to the gym yeah ' it goes like this....

Joined the gym yesterday and went in today for the first time in two yrs. I made it there and through the dreaded doors. I was battling with myself all morning, working my way out the door dreading the thought of skinny people looking at me as I walked in. Well it turned out to be all in my head. No one was looking at me and the fear I set myself up for was all in my head. I feel great for going and can now continue with future visits to the gym.

I'm happy now.

Since entering that day I have never looked back and enjoy going. It will be full of fit people and others who are in the same boat, but one day you will be just as fit as them and you'll still be looking around at what others are doing and their shapes and sizes. They come in many different shapes let me tell you so don't worry about it just about you and you'll be fine hun :-)


Thanks so much for the encouragement, I'm a week on and still going every other day. I am actually enjoying it and becoming more comfortable every session:) I really appreciate the encouragement!!

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That's really good to hear that you are enjoying it and becoming more comfortable, great job :-)


Hi Calm201, it sounds like you have the right attitude. I am sure many of those super fit people were once in the same position as you.

I have a friend who has lost 7 stones and now has her photo in the gym where she is standing with both her legs in the same single trouser leg of her old trousers. She has been member of the month twice. So this shows that even if she used to get the odd look when she was bigger the staff there are truly recognise her achievement.

Good luck :)

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Thank-you so much, a week down and I'm still going strong:)


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