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Mr Boo has a bad eye. AND I lost 4lbs - YES!

Hi all,

well after last week only losing 2lbs, I was pleased to see that this week I have lost 4lbs. I am doing things a bit differently to most people as I am not logging calories each day. I am aware of the calorific values of what I eat but I know myself that if I dwell on every piece of food and every drink I put in my mouth it would make me become overly obsessive and I would end up giving up.

So today I have had 2 Necafe capucchinos - and yes the sort with sugar this morning, lunch was salmon with green beans, (my home grown ones are nearly finished but they have been lovely) carrots and a sauce of mango chilli with lime juice. For pud I had stewed apple with meringue ( not shop made, I just stewed the apple with a little sugar then wound through it egg white that was standing in peaks. Cooked it up and voila apple snow) with a dollop of the old Dream Topping it was a great pud. Then for tea tonight I have made some homemade ham and winter veg soup with pulses. Now I know that for me that is a good day's food.

Poor Boo has his bad eye back. He looks very sorry for himself.

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Poor Mr Boo, hope he's feeling better, woof woof from Calvin 🐏

Your food today sounds like really nice, wish I was eating with you! It's pouring here and I need warm comfort food ! so I'm doing sausage and beans, not very exciting I know.

Carry on what your doing if it's working why change.

Have a great week


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I love dream topping.I hadn't eaten it for years until I saw the sugar free version recently, I hate cream and have always preferred dream topping-yummy, yummy.

Poor Mr Boo I think he should have his own blog.

By the way congrats on the 4pounds.

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Hi Sibyll, well done you! Hope you're finding it fun...and with your lovely companions, they must keep you on your toes and out and about....no matter what the weather...have a good week😄


Wise words, sometimes you beat yourself up!

I decided to take up swimming to be fitter, for myself, whatever any other bonus, was great, I just relaxed, gave up and lost, amazed!


Well done on your 4lb loss! That's amazing. Your food sounds fab by the way especially your lunchtime pud! I love merringue might give it a try 😁


Hello Sibyll,

Your menu for the day sounds absolutely delicious. And you must be doing something right with such a magnificent loss of 4 lbs. Wishing Mr Boo a speedy recovery!

Lizzy :)


Thank you all, Mr Boo's eye has half come out of the socket. It has done this 3 times before and the vet wants to stitch it in permanently - a very painful operation. However Boo has a heart murmur and I feel that such an operation might prove to be too much for him. If he doesn't have it done, he will lose some of his good looks and permanently need drops. Speaking just for myself, I really am not interested in his looks, I just want the best for him. So I think I will refuse the operation.

Well what have the rest of you had to eat today? Give me a few ideas please.

I did shopping at Aldi today and bought a few things that will help me create some interesting and hopefully low cal meals. So here goes ... Lemon infused rapeseed oil, I thought maybe to stir fry prawns? Plus a bottle of their chili rapeseed oil to make things like chili con carne . They also had little tubes of chili paste and garlic paste. It means that when a recipe calls for these, they are waiting in the fridge. They also had individual glass jars of pate - four in a pack - enough in each jar to generously cover two slices. Not low calorie I know but at around 140 cals a slice, a little treat for when you feel you want one. Also the iron in pate is really good for us. Then I bought a few jars of Sweet Freedom, a 100% natural sweetener made entirely from fruit. I find it a nice alternative to sugar and it is slightly lower calorie at 13 cal per teaspoon. You can bake with it and put it in tea too. Tomorrow I intend to poach some pears in Pineau des Charentes - stop make that cooking sherry. I have just looked to see how much it costs in the UK - £21!!!!!! It was £5 in France. You know it's sods law that someone like me who loves to cook lives alone and others with family or just a partner hate it.

Anyway what have you lot got on this week?


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