Round 2

I'm starting round 2 of the 12 week plan tomorrow. I finished round 1 the previous week and during the 12 weeks I lost 8.05kg which I'm not planning to accumulate back. I took a break this past week from strict calorie counting. However I am glad to note that, though I wasn't on a strict plan, I kept counting the calories and being aware of what I was eating. Never allowed my self to go beyond the maintenance calorie value. This week made me realise that over the 12 weeks I have developed healthy eating habits that are becoming part of my life rather than just a diet. I hope to maintain my weight this week as I was basically eating to maintain weight. Will see tomorrow. I'm hoping to lose at least another stone over the next 12 weeks. Wishing my self luck. I have done it I can still do it again.


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9 Replies

  • Well done and good luck for the next 12 weeks and beyond. Its a great feeling when you realise it is a healthy eating plan for life and not just a diet because diets always come to an end heathy eating doesn't! 😃

  • You've done so well over the twelve weeks....and noting that you've changed your habits is the big move forward! Wow...what a wonderful, positive post...brilliant.

  • Very best of luck! You've done it once, you'll do it again. I take my hat off to you.

  • Well done!!!

  • That's great well done you, must be a great feeling!

  • It is really great, thank you. I feel good. Week 1 going well so far.

  • Good to hear it has become a habit! Brilliant success hope I can replicate it! Have a good week.

  • You are where I'd like to be. Inspirational! :)

  • We can do it. Let's keep pushing.

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