Its time!!

Its time!!

Helllooooo to any of the struggling people of weight loss like me!!

This is my first time in a forum and first post! Wooo!

I recently discovered that my BMI has creped up to 30. I used to be a size 12 with a healthy BMI and a year of being unemployed a few years ago has caused me to expand to a size 16 with a BMI of 30!! I am 90kg and need to lose 23kg to be in the middle of the healthy weight range. Aaaah!

Very easy to put on, not so easy to get rid of! Fed up of the family comments 'ooo thats a big one' 'You talking about Laura?' ha ....ha ..... :/ Having my belly being patted 'whats this?'(patting belly). Thanx Nan. 'Maybe you should go on a diet'.

Time to do something about it me thinks. Its motivation that I need. I struggle to stop myself snacking in the evening as I think I'm probably a bit of an emotional eater. If I am bored or fed up, food is always yummy and comforting. I have almost no motivation to go to the gym even though I am a member. I'm worried about being the newbie at exercise classes.

Im going to post the picture of me at a wedding recently which made me think, hmmmm bit chunky. I was also standing next to my beautiful size 8 friend which maybe made it worse! :D

I am only 26 and should be at the time in my life I feel confident and sexy. I want this to be the case!!

Any motivational 'get up of your arse and do it' comments would be much appreciated :D


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  • Hi Bellybegoneplease! That's a sweet name, but you may need to change it once the belly is gone! I think you look ace in your picture. It will always be hard to feel you look your best next to a skinny minny friend, but others don't see it that way, I bet you had loads of compliments on that dress. Try and focus on the positives.

    Just to show you there is hope - my weight also crept up, I'm naturally a 12, but found myself needing to buy size 16s, and even they were getting tight, and my BMI went up to 29.5. First of all I did 'couch to 5k', which was really great for building up fitness and made a big difference to my waist measurement, lots of people find learning to run has that effect. I then did the 'NHS 12 week weight loss plan' which made the most difference, got me back into my size 14 jeans and size 12 in pretty much everything else. Another few weeks down the line and I'm now at goal weight, at a healthy BMI of 24.8 and my friends keep telling me how much weight I've lost. So you can do it too. Look at both those programmes and see what you think (some people do both at the same time, although that sounds ambitious to me!), and get ready to have to buy some new dresses :)

  • Hello 😀

    This is a great place to start! Lots of support, encouragement and advice to be found on these forums. I'm on my third weeks and have lost 8lb (need to lose 4 stone) and to be honest I'm finding it easy (May live to eat my words at some point!). I too am a comfort food eater and constantly snacking. I have not eaten chocolate or crisps in three weeks. The first 3 days I find are tough, but actually, once you stop eating them, your body stops craving them. So now when I snack in the evening (yes - still snacking!) I choose a weight watchers yoghurt as they do some nice dessert flavours which are low cal, or I have some sesame seed snaps, or an Alpen light bar. It works for me and takes the edge off. Also, I snack when I'm bored so I tend to find myself on these forums to get encouraged and keeps self busy. You can do it! And by the way, you look lovely in your photo regardless of size. Don't be afraid to hit the gym classes and be one of those 'girls that can'. Good luck x

  • Welcome to the forum, you have already taken the first step on the weight loss journey. You will find lots of motivation and support from everyone here, we're all looking to reach the same destination. Are you planning to follow the NHS 12 week plan (there's a link at the top of this page), it's reasonably straight forward and introduces small changes each week which are achievable. There will always be days that are more difficult than others but post any queries here and somebody will be there to offer support. There's also a big group weigh in thread on Monday morning posted by the Fab5, Lowcal usually starts the thread but she's on holiday so this week it will be Prin. Good luck on your journey.

  • Welcome...try to see this as a life choice not a race...look t the twelve week plan to gret you in the zone..and post is fun and you will be as successful as you are determined to be....

  • You look beautiful in your photo first and foremost hun :-)

    You are definitely in the right place to start your journey and the nhs 12 plan will be a great help so take a look and create an account with myfitnesspal it's a great way to keep track of all those calories.

    Make use of your gym membership and change your mindset to I can, I will, I am doing this and remember to always believe in yourself and that anything is possible when you want something bad enough. I started out at a size 22 so your lucky in a way cause your starting out at a 16 so go for it girl. Your only young so take control now and you will be confident and sexy in no time at all.

    Good luck hun :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • What a beautiful girl you are- 26 years old and looking so lovely. What a shame that you feel so bad about yourself. First of all, remember you are YOU - NOT your size 8 friend. You are starting on your weight loss plan, and you've come to the right place as there's tons of encouragement and advice here, and all the support you can want. Im doing terrible at the moment, so im not offering advice, but please remember as you go along to be YOU and not compare yourself with someone else. You are a truly beautiful individual.

    Hugs and love x

  • You look lovely in your photo, as Im sure everyone told you. But I understand how you feel. My situation was similar, once size 12 then 14 then 16 and 2 stone overweight. Mine went on quite slowly over ten years and so nobody really noticed, I dressed quite well, always had my lippy on and still got compliments....but I felt fat !

    Eighteen months ago I decided to deal with it properly. Hate gyms so took up walking, about an hour 4 times a week, and calorie counting on myfitnesspal. Gradually I lost that 2st. For the past six months I have been a size 12 with a Bmi of 23. .... and Im actially age 63, so have a very low BMR , unlike you at your age who should be able to lose more easily . Good luck you can do it, but dont expect it to be quick, a pound or so a week is safest.

  • Thankyou for so many lovely and motivational replies. I can see this forum is very supportive and full of people in the same situation :)

  • What a lovely photo!! I wish you luck in your new adventure. Lots of help and support on here. xx

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