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hiya guys been away for a while but i'm back.

been away to Scotland on a walking holiday.. realized I need to exercise more so i have joined a gym

i now have a personal trainer who is helping my get fit and educating me in good and bad foods..

i'm loving it.

keeping a food diary for my trainer so she can see what am eating and make substitutions where necessary.

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Hi Gothchick,

Hope you enjoyed your holiday.

Lucky you for having a personal trainer :)

I'm sure she'll keep you on the straight and narrow and you'll achieve your goals in next to no time.

All the best.


Welcome back gothchick. I've also followed the exercise route, there's so much benefit apart from losing weight too, but with a personal trainer you'll be onto a winner! Good luck and let us know how you get on :)

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ooh - a personal trainer - that would be fab. They would need to come to the house though to make it really great - no rubbing shoulders with the muscle mountains at the gym !! Hope it all works great for you, and welcome back :-)


Hello you...long time no hear! Sounds like your a girl with a plan...love the idea of a personal trainer...let us know if you think it's worth the dosh please.


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