I have a question for the floor today. I'm now in week seven of the plan, really enjoying it and only 4lbs away from having lost a stone since I started, woop woop! The eating within 1400 calories is pretty doable and I am really enjoying doing the exercise too but I have a problem...

Running everyday is really hurting my knees :-( I don't want to have to stop exercising because obviously this is a crucial piece of the plan. Does anyone have any tips or ideas?


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  • Hi Nar,

    Perhaps you are just overdoing the running ? I'm not sure how much of a runner you are, but the C25K program stresses the importance of having rest days in between runs, and I guess this applies however much you run, especially if you are getting pain. Can you use your rest day to do some walking or something else a bit lower impact (eg. swimming or strength exercises). See if this helps, or otherwise you might have a specific injury that needs looking at, or a change in running technique (the C25K forum might be able to help with that).

    Well done for losing the weight so far though :-) I know what you mean about not wanting to stop the exercise, as I know it helps me enormously as well.

  • Hiya Lucca,

    Thanks for your reply :-) I've completed a C25K programme already and have settled on 3k as a good daily distance for the time being. Not easy but doesn't kill me either, lol.

    Really don't want to have days off from it because I really love it but maybe you're right that I should do something different on alternate days. Stupid knees! :-(

    A x

  • Hey :) I had a similar problem when it came to running, you could always try some low impact cardio on days between runs? There are lots of routines on YouTube that are friendly on the knees, and can help build up strength in your muscles. I would also recommend Pilates if you're into that sort of thing, I follow blogilates on YouTube and honestly she's amazing. She even has a beginners workout calendar that you can print out from her website :)

    Good luck & you're doing fab so far!

  • Thanks Girl at Midnight, I will check it out! :-)

  • perhaps you could replace running with swimming or cycling? not completely but maybe just once or twice a week to give your knees a bit of a rest! congratulations on your weight loss :)

  • Running like other forms of exercise can be addictive but listen to your body, rest up and give your knees a break. Knees are one of those parts of the body that can really come back and bite you in the arse in later life if you abuse them when you are younger.

    If you continue to have problems then having your running shoes/gait checked, if you've not done so already might help as might running on softer (but stable) ground, like a sports field. You should also seek some professional medical advice if the problem persists.

    Some people can run everyday, Ron Hill being a famous one, however lots of us find it better to take rest breaks. You should also look at some sort of cross training if you are focusing on just running because you can end up in very simple terms developing a single set of muscles which in turn over time can bring it's on issues.

    Lastly I would say to you to not link your running to your weight loss, contrary to popular believe it's not a crucial part of the plan, get your diet right and you will lose weight regardless of how active you are. I'm saying this to reassure you that not running for however long it takes to heal should not affect your weight-loss if you maintain control over your diet.

    Good Luck.

  • Thanks OlsBean, That is all really helpful, particularly the reassurance about resting them a bit and not immediately becoming a whale again! :-)

    What would be other good things to try in order to build up different muscle groups and give the knees a rest? I know swimming is a good alternative but it's also a bit more of a faff to have to get to a pool etc.

    A x

  • Personally I would try looking at some sort of lifting (strength training) it does not necessarily need to expensive or via purpose designed weights/equipment. I can often be seen moving heavy rocks around our garden much to my wife's bemusement. I have an old oppo that regularly lifts and old Dimple Wall heater above his head (harder than you think). More and more ladies lifting now, Google Women Lifting for Health, you don't need to train to extent that you end up looking like Grace Jones to see real benefits. Remember having good quality muscle often means less insulin resistance, so it's easier to maintain your weight/fat and it also means a higher daily BMR so you can eat a little more.

    Good Luck with your endeavours.

  • Some people are able to run everyday with no problem, but most people need to cross train, i.e. alternate running with something else. You may be the first type, and this may have been fine until now, but I think sore knees is something you really need to pay attention to and alternate your running days with something else until they're better. As Olsbean says this could really turn into something big later. I would suggest you see a doctor/physio, get your running gait checked and maybe get new shoes if necessary. At the very least I would take a break from running if I was in your position.

    Steve_L on the couch to 5k forum wrote this post a while ago about his knees, I found it really informative. If you can afford it, maybe making a private appointment with an osteo or similar might be a good idea too. Steve makes a good case for doing this earlier rather than later, and his fee included new orthotic insoles so it seems good value for money.

    For the alternate days, how about specifically focusing on a type of exercise which complements your running, perhaps one that helps build strength in your knees? Then you'll still feel like you're working towards your running as your knee recovers. Best, Ruth :)

  • Brilliant Ruth, thank you! I will check out the other post and look into some knee strengthening alternatives. :-)

    A x

  • Go swimming, far easier on your and multi tones

  • Meant to say you!

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