Ail Caesar! In which I get stroppily wet tracking down treasure - a pastime the divine Laura said was acceptable for someone of my abilities

I am now in serious pain from the marauding. All upper body has seized up. I have discovered muscles I didn't know existed. No wonder such exciting adventures were forbidden to one such as I. Oh, that stupid centurion- you'll be pleased to know he's going to the lions on Tuesday.

Yesterday I borrowed some hoplites and went on a treasure hunt because Laura said that was acceptable for me but I got so wet and miserable that even Vimto didn't help.

Today I am taking my chariot and visiting the spa. I shall stroll through the rose gardens, have second breakfast at the clock cafe, walk amongst gamblers and bathers at the beach, saunter around the headland, recline in a boat being piloted by a brave, non-water-fearing centurion, eat at the revered pirate's restaurant and return via the funicular to save my legs the pain of the struggle up the cliff path.

Hopefully by tomorrow it will be back to 'Hail' not 'Ail' Caesar.


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7 Replies

  • Hope your greaves still fit!

  • Greaves?

    Jimmy Greaves?

    Fig leaves?

    Dirty knees?

    What are these?

  • hail. Ceasar, just thought the quickest way to shed weight is to be sent to the lions!😉

  • Pah! I'm looking for weight loss, not limb or life!

  • Now you're being fussy!

  • It would make you run quicker though...

  • Yes, yes, I suppose so. I'd make sure that centurion went in first though.

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