Newby with a long way to go:(

Hi, I've always been a yoyo dieter, I've tried every slimming club their is and I always end up falling off the wagon after a few months, I'm 34 and weigh 16st 9lb. I've lacked In motivation for the last few months, haven't been to the gym I've signed up for which I usually love, eating way to much, I'm hoping to change my eating habits by not grazing all day and stop been lazy and inactive, fingers crossed I can get into this weight loss plan.


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  • Hey Sarah, this is an amazing forum. If you post and reply to posts you might find that it keeps you on the straight and narrow.....good luck!

  • Thank you, yes I thought that too, new start!

  • If you can last a few months before falling off the wagon, I would suggest that your subconscious may be trying to alert you that your diet is lacking something.

    A strategy may be to have a planned time-out every month or so, increasing your intake (not so much that you regain weight). Controversially, may I suggest that the increase in calories be obtained from natural fat, since ideally that is what we utilise when we are losing body-fat; our stores of natural (animal) fat.

    Good luck with the NHS 12 week plan

  • Thank you Concerned your comments definitely make sense thanks for such helpful comments

  • we sound very alike , im just starting my journey too. I wish you all the luck sarahma

  • Thank you peeweepukkie, wish you luck too, its definitely not easy but fingers crossed this time :)

  • Awww thank you. Give us a message if your feeling naughty and I'll try and help. Also if you find anything that's work / not working

  • Thank you that's kind pee wee I'm sure if you've been trying to loose weight As long as me your an expert in what we should be doing just need to put it into practice, also you message me for any support

  • Good luck, so many of us are yo yo dieters, I'm determined this time I'm 61 can't keep losing then gaining it's no way to live. I'm sure you will do it this site is great.

  • Thank you, good luck to you too!

  • I found that the hest way to lose weight is to make what you do to lose weight part of your lifestyle. I used to do all the diets and weight loss programms only to quit them.

    Its like... if brushing your teeth everyday made you lose weight then we'd all be slim :-)

    Now I take bus routes that require me to walk, I cook food that is healthier, and I do excercise that is short so that I can fit them into my day.

    I think the worst things are cheats e.g. cheat days or those "let me have some cake since I've been so healthy this week". EAT THE CAKE :-)

    Weight loss programmes seem to make a person feel like they are restricting their lives whereas if 'weight loss' was how you lived your life it won't even be something you notice.

    Hope I helped?

  • Thank you, yes that has helped and encouraged me to make small steps to fit into my life, thanks for your support

  • I'm new too, hopefully we can spur each other on !

  • Yes we can caromia hope your getting on ok, and good luck 😀

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