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Keeping going

Hi everyone

I started posting about the challenge of losing weight on steroids for lupus which made exercising difficult. It has taken a long time but I have now managed my first goal of a stone and a half lost. Now another stone to go and it is taking longer to come off as I think my body has become used to the healthy diet. So I have started a project to landscape my garden as gardening seems to be a way of burning calories and we can't spend a lot. The stories on here inspire me to keep going and try to be into a size 12 by Xmas!

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You've done so well Blue, and the gardening project will be a wonderful and productive distraction as well as being excellent exercise....go you!


Congrats on your hard earned 1 1/2 stone weight loss. Gardening is definitely good exercise. It counts as strength exercise because of all the bending, reaching, crouching and lifting etc. So it's the best sort of exercise for weight loss. Plus you will have a beautiful garden by the end of it. Good luck for getting to size 12 :)


Hi Blue! a stone and a half is a real achievement! Magnificent! Building activity into your home life is very smart. I've been at that point of weight loss seeming to slow down but I'm just carrying on. going into week 12 next week and then I'll start again with a target of 500g a week to lose instead of 1KG a week. When we are bigger we need to lose a fair amount a week in order to notice the difference and get motivated. If we get lighter and still need to lose weight what would be a reasonable weekly target if you were starting from now? You might not need to lose 1kg a week, half that might be acceptable starting from where we are now.

Just keep on. If it works crack on! If you can incorporate something new, have a go.

Enjoy & Keep Posting!


well done, you have really done well to say you are on steroids. you should be very proud of yourself x


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