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Eat your Heart out

Semolina Cake baking time~ 50 minutes

500g Joghurt, take the joghurt Cup and measure the same volume semolina ( ~390g); add to the joghurt 4 eggs, 200ml rape seed oil, 1,5 Lemon juice, 150g sugar, ~1teaspoon cooking salt; mix. In a seperate bowl mix the semolina, vanilla sugar 3teaspoons and baking powder 2teaspoons and 100g coconut grated and dried (~ flakes). Combine the the dry mixture of semolina with the mixture of joghurt.

Bake in the oven the first 30min at 160°C and the last 20min at 180°C. For the form I used a spring form missing the Center bit. Please grease the form. With the baking result you have to try your best way of baking. The cake shall be fluffy and juicy. After baking sprinkle icing sugar on top. Warning has lots of calories but leaves you satisfied after a Portion of two slices. Good to share with friends on a Budget...

It is the third time I baked that recepie from the Internet...

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Hi flower arranger, well I calculated the calories ...and your right...it's loaded! But it did make me think that 'yeah I could have that' not much more though! And I'd have to put portions in the freezer to it away from my eyeliner too. Take care.

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