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Help from NHS

A few months ago, I started an awful pain in my right leg. So bad, I could hardly walk. I saw dr, who referred me to a consultant, had Xrays and a DEXA scan, and saw a musculoskelletel (excuse spelling) doctor who then referred me to physiotherapy, diagnosinga a torn thigh muscle. Ive been seeing the physio for 3 weeks now, and its looking better

The point of my post is, that ive now been referred to a local gym called Heelers. This is an NHS based idea, you have to be referred, but its a free 12 week course for injuries, weight loss etc. Your BMI has to be over a certain level. I just think maybe enough people dont know about this, and if you think you might qualify, make enquire at your local health centre. Im looking forward to it, and along with my healthy eating, feel I might be getting somewhere at last.

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Thanks for the info Libby - No I didn't know about this scheme and will make enquiries.

Good luck and all the best



I've heard about this too. A friend who wasn't overweight or if she was it didn't show, also got a free gym membership via the NHS to help with quite severe asthma. A helpful GP will try to get you referred if they can find a way that you would qualify, so it's definitely worth asking. Good luck for continued recovery and for your new 12 week health drive, it sounds like you really have the confidence that this will help get your weight loss and fitness moving in the right direction, so I really hope it does! :)


Thank you for this ..... Would be interesting to see if post codes make a difference to access..might have a root around?


Yes check it out, amazing what's on offer but we aren't always offered it.

Yes im feeling a corner turned here :D


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