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Week 1 Meal Plan - 22nd - 28th August

It's my first day of officially committing to being healthy, I stayed up last night writing my meal plan for the week and went out to Tesco's for my first shop.

I was recently made redundant and unfortunately as a result I have had to move back in with my mom and partner for the short term while i look for a new job.

I have half - HALF a shelf in a cupboard and have some managed to pinch a shelf in the fridge after my brought back my goodies. Not much space but i am determined to do this. :-)

I have been eating with them the last few weeks but i know that do do this properly I need to plan my own meals, and I can cook for them.

I will be looking for cheap options to try and keep the cost down.

Sooo week 1 Meal Plan.


B - 1/2 Granola and 1/2 Alpen no sugar with semi milk, strawberries and blackberries.

L - Chicken salad

D- X2 LF sausages, onions and a bread roll (Mom and Paul are eating hotdogs and I could not say no :-) )

S- I will have snack on the evening from some of the options below

Sun - Cajun/mexican spiced chicken, salad and homemade wedges

Mon - Slimming World chilli and Uncle Bens wholegrain and quinoa rice.

Tues - x2 LF Sausages, gravy and mash

Wed - Tortilla pizza (if you have not tried this you should!!!) probably topped with chicken, peppers and onions with cheese.

Thursday - SW bean burgers (new to try) with hm chips

Friday - SW chicken tikka with hm onion bhajis (another new one to try)

Breakfasts to pick from -

Granola, alpen, yogurt and fruit, overnight oats, bacon and egg with 1 slice of toast

Lunches to pick from -

Salad, homemade vegetable soup or omelette.

Snacks (i have picked low syn ones as i used to do sw)

Yogurt and fruit, frazzles, mini jammie dogers, mini maryland cookies and small kinder chocolate bars - to last me along time!

Good luck everyone and have a fab week! xx

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Hi Rachel000,

Sounds like you've been busy doing all that working out of your meal plans. I hope you are able to fit the things onto the shelf space that you have in your Mum and partner's place.

Shopping economically is definitely a challenge sometimes, but I have found that supermarkets often reduce the price of their fresh vegetables as it nears the sell-by dates, and the veg is still fresh and perfectly usable, and so I sometimes buy sufficient to make some homemade soups or casseroles, and it works out really cheap - as I can freeze the meals in the quantities I want for each meal.

I hope you're enjoying the weekend so far, and good luck with your goals.

Lowcal :-)


Good luck. If it gets tricky post and get some support. This is a super forum


This sounds good and I love how varied your choices are and also the few little treats at the end!

Keep us up to date with your progress and good luck 😊


Fantastic this is just what I do as well - plan my meals, do a full shop and avoid the supermarket from that point although I *do* get it delivered which makes it even easier :)

To get some hassle out of they I usually will cook or make a couple meals worth e.g. I am having Asian Chicken Salad 3 days in a row for a lunch and Low GI Beef Satay 2 nights in a roe for dinner.

That way I can just spend an hour here every couple days on food.

If you like a salad for lunch this one is DELICIOUS esp. if you like asian food - only 250 or so calories and the portion size is quite big. Full of vegies and chicken but so yum with the thai sauce!



Wow that's a great menu list! Good luck and have a great week :)


Well done for planning your week. I have found that I have got better results when I plan and you have really gone to town on the details.

Hope you have a fab week.


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