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5 days +2lbs

Errrrrrrr..So I skipped excerisising for 3 days cause:

Day 1: Went to a friends BBQ, I literally didn't take a bite out of anything but my salad :'0

Day 2: All my family was at home and I couldn't be arsed

Day 3: Went for a walk and shop in town with my mom?

CAN skipping a few days of excersise actually make you put on weight?

I've been eating the same diet, if anything though having only 500-800 calories for the past week; I feel I've been eating loads and feeling full (SO MUCH SALAD which has barely any calories so doesn't bump it up to 1450)

My mom says by not having the right amount of calories, my body is storing more fat for energy??

How much more food do I possibly have to eat if lettuce has only 4 calories.

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There's lots of articles out recently which say that exercise has minimal effect on weight loss. That's not an excuse not to do any as many of the conditions associated with being overweight can actually be managed or avoided by being fit and exercising.

You should be eating more than 500 calories; your mum is right that you will go into starvation mode and wont burn the fat. You also need to make sure you are getting the right nutrients and you won't be if you are only eating 500 calories.

Add some protein like grilled chicken, eggs or tuna to your salads.

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Really thankful for your response, how strange though.

And yeah, I've been having either 2 boiled eggs without the yolk/50g of tuna/quorn products with loads of salad.

I've decided to completely cut out bananas, rice, pasta, bread, potatoes and all that (which I assume is what would bump up my calorie intake) but I really don't want any more starchy carbs in my system if there's loads if carbs in the fruit and veg :(


Why aren't you eating the yolks? They are very nutritious and tasty and you have loads of calories left to play with.

Make sure that you get some form of fats in your diet as well; olive oil, avocado and nuts are all good for you in small doses.

It's sensible to reduce your carb intake but your body does need carbs and it won't get enough from just salad. If you aren't eating potatoes, rice etc, try leafy green vegetables or even sweet potato which has a low GI.

I don't think what you are eating now is sustainable; you should be making changes for the long term that you can keep eating for the rest of your life.


I was told they were really bad for you, i hear a lot of people throw it away if they wanna lose weight? Plus there's loads of cholesterol if you eat a lot of eggs in the week, so I figured throwing them out would be the healthy option?

I try to have like 3 almonds a day which is like 1.3g of fat; I have atleast 15g-35g of fat a day.

And yeah I'm trying to be uber strict on myself for the next year or 2 then hopefully throw in some carbs like rice and pasta and bread (also pizza) aswell as maintating my fitness after that D:


Your advice about the eggs is out of date - it's saturated fat you need to watch out for not eggs.

I'm not sure that you will last two years without rice and bread etc! I think that this is an unrealistic goal. Just have small amounts and maybe don't eat any in the evenings.

If you want pizza, make a pizza base out of blitzed cauliflower and only add a little cheese or no cheese at all.


Lol okiedoke >< How come out of date tho? I'll have to read more into it I guess..

I'm pretty sure I can sustain this tbh, I'm enjoying the food that I eat but we'll see I guess..


Well that's great.

Be aware that it's much easier to eat like that in summer but when it starts getting colder salad is much less appealing; swap it for soups instead.

Just keep making sure your body gets what it needs.

Good luck.

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Great advice x) thanks


A Walk into town isn't exercise - since when? Its all activity.

You might need to increase your calories a bit - I went a bit mad at the start of 12 weeks and now I aim for 1500 a day and I find I'm loosing weight all the time. I have more energy too.

I'd echo comments about saturated fat and caution against refined carbs of any description. You'll probably find you are continuing to loose weight overall in a day or so. I know my body does that all the time!

I'd go for a tin of Tuna as a single portion - 130 cals - well seasoned tasty and will fill you up and support your muscle growth!

Your focussed, Your on it your in the right place!

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It wasn't vigorous exercise as per usual, I'm a slow walker - a waddler, so I doubt it counts for much ><

I'm trying to increase calories, but I seriously don't know anything other than salad, but I'm throwing in alot of quorn type products, like 2 quorn sausages and burger without the bun and maybe 3 falafel's and vege burger (all ovened ofc) along with salad, but I feel so greedy. I'll have to split them into smaller meals as I've heard it keeps your metabolism working constantly.

Hmmm rightyho, full can of tuna it is haha >< thank you x


It is about being calorie deficient (eating less calories than you need), so I think tracking and weighing food is the only way to lose weight. I have lost 15 lbs in 10 weeks using My Fitness Pal App to help me. It is free and there's a Forum, food tracker and you can set weight loss and daily calorie goals.

Might help you.


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Heya, yeah i've been using Myfitnesspal and weighing food since the start of the diet and it's been helping me, thanks. I go through alot of days though where it won't complete an entry for the day because I've been under 1000 calories, sucks.


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