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Week 1

First week almost complete and weigh in due Monday:

When at work I'm not too bad, got to ban hot chocolate (options) as they are my weakness. Replace with bottle of water.

Need to put in a walk out at lunch

Need increase lenght of my dog walk morning and night

Friday: thought I'd done good (no major blow out) chips for tea .

Saturday: naughty ate rubbish for tea; bit of a binge.😕🐷

Draw a line under it and plan my meals for the week

I've also been declined for 12 week lifestyle through the GP, need a BMI OF 30+. Thank goodness for you guys 😊

Finishing my brew then of walk the pup

Good luck everyone

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Plan, plan, plan - and then plan.

Decide what you're eating for the week - it really doesn't take long to come up with a menu for the week, write your shopping list and then spend an hour here or there doing prep. I personally get it delivered - completely eliminates impulse purchases and if I have planned my week then I already KNOW what to eat.

Take your lunch and snacks to work and commit to ignoring anything else thats there. You are your own little food and drink island. Be strong. Every hot chocolate or chip that you have just adds days onto how long it will be before you can look in the mirror and love what you see.

Good luck for tomorrow's weigh in - I hope you're a loser! :)

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Thanks Dave your spot on.

Think I might have that's as my mantra !!!

At 1500hrs when I'm lapsing I'll think of those extra days or miles it will take to get there.


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Well done for all the changes you have made it sounds like you are making strides forward.

Enjoy the walking sounds lovely, and it should be a good day today for being outside.

Have a good sunday.


Hi, the longer you do this the easier it will become and the less you will think about those hot chocolates.

I am a big fan of having a little blow out once a week but you do need to plan for it. If you see yourself eating an extra 500 cals on say a Friday night, try to take them off your allowance from the couple of days before. I find depriving myself just makes me crave things more.

There are 2 ways to look at indulgences - one is to say cut it out as it will take longer to lose the weight. The other is accepting that it will take longer but you will find it easier to keep on track longer term knowing you are not depriving yourself. You need to work out what fits for you. I see this as a lifestyle change and therefore I am going to have the odd indulgence.

It sounds like you know what you need to do anyway and that is half the battle.

Good luck for your weigh-in tomorrow. :)


As the others have said planning is key!

Have you seen the highlights options hot chocolate? They come in little sachets and are between 35-40 calories, lots of different flavours, delicious!


Thanks will look out for them. One a night as my indulgence


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