Bit too much???

I seem to have become a bit obcessed with doing 10,000 steps a day. Yesterday I got home and had just 100 steps to do to have done 10, 000 steps. I just thought no worries but it just kept niggling at me. In the end at 10:30pm I got up and walked up and down the hallway and did did and extra 1,000 steps along with 5 mins of HiiT. I must admit I slept well last night and woke up feeling rested. So maybe I will leave some steps for before bed time. I am slowly discovering that I actually enjoy being active.And since I started walking the 2 miles to work and the 2 miles home, I have discovered that my knee does not hurt a much as it used to. Hopefully I will not need to go down the knee replacement route that my Doctor has discussed with me.

Lovely people remember 2 -5 minutes of activity ( brisk walk on the spot, Knee ups with hand raises, star jumps if you are able, marching on the spot,straight leg with raises arm raises, hopping on the spot) makes a difference and you will be surprised at how much especially if you do it a couple of time a day :)


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  • Not too much then, after all? Amazing how much motivation you had to meet and exceed that 10,000 steps goal. Fitting this stuff into existing routines is absolutely key to making these changes sustainable in the long term :)

  • What an inspiring Post! The walking you are dong is an investment in your future- That was me at the end of last year. It felt a bit of an exercise to start with but now I'm running not walking! You are so right about HIIT too especially tons of us who are a bit older (Ahem) where long low intensity exercise isn't quite enough.

  • Thank you very much andrewleeone :)

  • Well done. I used to do 10000 steps quite regularly till health issues raised their ugly head and have not done it in quite a while . Had fitbit and used to get excited when it started buzzing that I done 10000 steps for that day. Walked good hour maybe more some days and really enjoyed it. Maybe will get back to it soon. Hope you continue Say walking is best form of exercise.

  • Thank you very much healthylass. I have got so into the swing of walking that I actually look forward to walking to work and back. When it rained on saturday, I walked up and down my stairs to reach my 10, 00 steps. Also don't laugh but I discovered I can do some exercises lying down on my bed. Boy do you still feel the burn!! Lol

  • Keep it up your doing great

  • Thank you very much for the words of encouragement healthylass :)

  • Hi Pantheress67,

    Really great that your knee isn't hurting as much as it used to, and that you're enjoying all those healthy steps, really inspiring!

    I love your suggestion of 2-5 minutes of activity - it can be fitted in easily and regularly within the day, and would soon add up. Really good!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you very much Lowcal. I figured that little and often can add up and I don't put strain on my knee. Also it gives my body a rest and I do mnot feel like I am dying lol.

    Two of the ladies here at work have started doing the same. Thats good but I hope it doesn't catch on because I have become attached to my "toiletsercise" time hehehe

  • Walking has been my main exercise too. I now love going out for a walk after work. I've noticed that as I've lost weight walking has also become much more 'effortless'.

  • I assume like me you have a fitbit?

    I love your post and absolutely agree with it all.

    And I am addicted as well! I walked to the shop at 11 p.m. last week in 2 degrees to buy skim milk but mainly so I could get to my 10,000 steps LOL

    I bought new trainers 2 days ago and managed to get to 16,700 steps that day - walking to and from the shopping centre plus a few laps around the ground floor - I was SO smug! :) And I really COULD feel it in my legs. But I usually do around 12,000.

    I am lucky in that I work in a little shop for 12 hours a day that has a flight of stairs and few customers.

    Everytime I go for a cuppa or a wee or to dust a shelf or basically leave the front desk - I do a fast walk of the perimeter of the store and run up and down the stairs. Its about 120 steps in total and I do that maybe twice an hour and am quite addicted to it.

    You really can exercise ANYwhere if you try:)

    Go you!

  • Thank you Dave1961. Yes I am addicted. I do have an addictive nature. So I found that rather than get addicted to bad and unhealthy stuf. Why not get addicted to healthy stuff and getting my 10,000 steps a day. It is a challenge some days but I seem to be enjoying the challenge so far.

    And yes I agree you most definately can excercise anywhere :)

  • When I was at my heaviest I suffered with sciatica and bad knees. My doctor told me I probably at arthritis and couldn't do much about it and best to avoid high impact training. 13 months later, over 7 stones lighter and guess what. No knee pain despite lots of high impact training and sciatica gone. Also thinner, 100% fitter! feeling better about myself and looking better. Win, win win.

    Can't help still craving pasties, pies, sausage roll, chips etc but just ignore it and not going back to my old ways.

  • Thank you andyt2120. What you said is very motivational. I did try the Insanity video on the weekend. But I followed the one on there that did not do the jumpping part. It was still a good workout.

    And well done on being 7 stones lighter. Well I definately have no excuses :)

  • I do a fair bit of HIITS but it is important to have rest days. 4 times a week 15 sets of working HIITS with 30-45 seconds rest in between each working set. Always do mine while fasted, first thing in the morning and don't eat anything till about 50 minutes after although .ideally should be at least I hour.

    You can exercise too much and also you can fail to eat enough food to fuel fat loss.

  • Thank you for that advice Andy2120. This is so why I love this forum. Good sound and helpful advice everytime :)

  • I'm so glad it's not just me!!!!

    I overate yesterday, not by much but still. I got home and just felt dreadful about it and although I couldn't 'un-eat' that last slice of pizza I decided that I could burn a few extra calories.

    I didn't want to get all togged up and go running and the gym would have been closed. I live on the top floor of an old building so can't really bounce about without waking up all my neighbours so I googled 'ways to raise your heart rate without bouncing' and found this!

    Absolutely perfect for a late night QUIET calorie burn! Did this for ten mins, had a shower and hit the sack.

    A xxx

  • Hi nar121184. I knwo right Lol.

    Yes I follow HiiT on Instagram and they show you fat burning excerises that do not require jumping. I also sescribed to Fitnessblender. There are some very good execises for people with knee or back injuries :)

  • it is recommended to do 10,000 daily. I have a sedentary job so if I don't make the effort I usually get around 2000 steps lol

    Yesterday after walking in circles around the mall I managed to get 8300 but I felt great afterwards :-) Losing the weight will def help with your knee problem, I had it too and can't do long periods of jumping etc and even my back hurts like crazy if I walk for a long time :-(

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