Weight Loss per week

Keep reading on here about how much weight you should lose per week. I had no idea how I had done so have just worked it out.

Total weight loss 7 stone 4 lbs over 55 weeks works out at 1.7 lbs per week so given that most people say 1 to 2 pounds per week that's about right.

During that time I've have lots of breaks and holidays where I've not been that careful, in fact I've had a bit of a pig out so really pleased.

I've broken into the 13 stones now (13 stone 13 lbs) but must be 35 years since I weighed as little as that and still losing.

As a previously obese, lazy, sedentary 57 year old man I am proud of what I achieved. It just shows that anyone can do it but don't want to belittle anyone who,is struggling. It is hard and needs a complete mind shift to change your lifestyle.


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20 Replies

  • Well done. You have come a long way on your journey. .. Keep going ....interesting when you average it like that. It is a strategy others may want to use when they plateau or have a gain. ( rather than 'I have put on 2 pounds ' look at the big picture and even including the gain 'I am averaging a loss of 1.5lbs a week'.... may help some ....so much of this weight battle starts in the mind!

  • Fantastic going! I know what you mean about the mindset, I so don't want this to be another temporary fix and 6 months down the line be back where I am now plus a few extra pounds... that's been my life cycle since I was 14. I don't want to be on this merry go round anymore! Any tips on how to make that change for life??? X

  • Me too hence my name. You are talking to the Queen of Yoyo! I think the only way for me to do this is to allow myself a 2kg buffer zone. I am aiming 55 -57 kg. Weigh myself weekly for life. If I go out of the buffer zone straight back to calorie counting. In the past I have got to goal, relaxed and gone straight back to my old habits and then hey presto straight back to my old weight!

    I think that there should be a forum like this for people maintaining their weight. So we can keep each other accountable!

  • Love the idea of a 2kg buffer and weekly weigh ins, I'm far from this stage at the moment but want to be ready when I do... are you near target? X

  • I was at target ( again) in March then went on holiday to South Africa in April culminating in my son's wedding. Looking good in the photos was a motivator for my last diet. Came home and didn't weigh myself and in 3 1/2

    months put nearly all the weight I lost back on. Came to my senses when hubby bought me a dress in my usual size from my favourite shop and I couldn't get it done up! Had 9 kilos to lose (again ) have lost 2.1 I think, so another 7 to go.

    I am not going to Yoyo again!

  • I wish I could offer tips. It really is about your mind set and only you can do that. For me it was looking at a holiday photo were my trim partner looked like my carer rather than my girlfriend. I just decided after a few failed attempts that enough was enough. I started with a target in my mind of about 15 1/2 stone but when I achieved that weight I really had changed how I eat and exercise and never considered stopping or doing anything different. For me I never counted calories. It is quite obvious to most people what the bad foods are. I generally have cut of a lot of carbs, all processed sugar and some fat although I'm not as worried about fat then say sugar.

    I don't have any processed foods and cook everything from fresh ingredients.

    If I get an urge for something sweet I will have Total 0% yogurt with some berries sweetened with Splenda.

    For snacks I have an apple or a few plain nuts.

    I have never grilled anything and fry foods in coconut oil. I have also discovered stir fries mainly chicken or fish with stir fried veg using a bit of soy sauce, oyster sauce mix as flavour.

    I don't buy any cakes, biscuits, crisps, bread, sweets or other unhealthy things so that I'm never tempted.

    I know a lot of people will disagree but I weigh myself twice a day. Last thing at night and first thing in the morning. I treat it as a challenge. I don't let any weight gain demotivate me, it just makes me more determined to lose it. My partner says I have weighing scale OCD and I think I agree, I am a bit obsessed with the scales.

    40 Grammies of giant rolled porridge oats for breakfast most days. Made with water. I microwave to 90 seconds then sir in a big tablespoon of total 0% yoghurt, a big table spoon of Splenda for sweetness then I add berries. Strawberries are really good at the moment. Microwave for another 90"seconds and it's like having strawberry jam in your porridge.

    I started exercise gently with walking, increasing distance over time. After 6 months I joined a gym and took,up swimming. 3 months after that packed in the gym and now do a high intensity workout at home 4 mornings a week, first thing while fasted.

    Fitness has improved 100%, health issues I had have disappeared and I feel so much better about myself.

    Downside is I've had to throw out numerous clothes. I kept buying while still losing weight and then having to throw them out as well.

    Won't keep any clothes 'just in case' as I am so determined not to go back into bigger sizes.

    I have gone from 44 waist and 54 chest to 32 waist and 40 inch chest so all is worth while.

    I could go on forever really you just have to decide to change and no amount of advice can do this for you. All I can say is that if you succeed you will feel brilliant.

    i think the last paragraph is the most important thing of anything I've put above.

  • Wow, a common word in the replies but it sums it up brilliantly. You are dedicated and focused which is key. There's no point in trying if you are only half heartedly going into it. In the past its bee a case of got to do it but now I feel I want to do this x

  • Really interesting post Andy thanks for this.

  • Dear Andy...please repost this! There are so many desperate 50 something newbies who really would be inspired by you...amazeballs!😉

  • Good for you Andy! Enjoyed your words - and your attitude : you don't obsess.

    My goal is 10 kg in 12 - 16 weeks, not changing my diet too much, but I am exercising more. In fact, it seems just as important as working. Am now on my third week and notice I am a size smaller. Hope to get two more sizes less- that's about 10 kg I think.

  • Wow well done!!

  • Well done you that's quite some acheivement I've had about three false starts this year for all sorts of reasons but mainly that my usual way of coping with stress is to all the things that are bad for me and none that are good for me - I know this dynamic is not helping me and I am determined to persevere until I get into my stride.

    Its great to hear that people do make it to their goals :) so thanks for posting

  • Hi Andy,

    I really enjoyed reading your thread, it is very inspiring. You have made such great progress. Really well done. It was also interesting to read in more detail about the changes you've made, and what's helped you to achieve it.

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Andy,

    What a fantastic achievement, you must be feeling so proud, healthy and fab 😃, I do like the fact that you've done your stats and average wgt loss, I think we all get hung up on the weekly loss and sometimes forget the whole( well I do till a bump and then logic takes over thank goodness).

    You are an inspiration, you are right it is hard work and as we stumble back into old habits it does need a complete mind shift back but worth it .

    Hope celebrating this in some way, what is your next goal?

    Have a fab week.


  • Next goal is to achieve healthy BMI weight, 10 lbs to go. Don't want to get too hung up on BMI though as due to the weight training I have definitely gained muscle. In fact I have muscles where I've never had them in my life. Main aim is to get rid of the last bit of belly fat that's proving difficult to shift. I've gone fairly bony in some areas like my chest and lower arms but belly taking some shifting.

  • wow what a great achievement, great to hear how you did it, the right mindset is so important. Your post is really motivating to me as a newbie. thanks,

  • I totally agree with you about it being a mind set thing, I think I am there been doing it about 6 months now. I also agree about giving yourself a break now and again - for me this is the only way to sustain this long term.

    Such a shame you've had to throw out so many clothes ;) I sometimes feel like I go to work looking like a clown in oversize clothes. I have bought a few new bits and taken lots in. I think the next stone (& excess holiday weight) will see a lot more clothes heading to the charity shop - including some things only worn once!

    You have done amazingly, not just with the weight loss but also regaining your fitness - well done :)

  • Quick word on charity shops. I just dropped off a bunch of clothes size 20-22 and bought a bunch of nearly new things size 18. I like to think that what I bought came from someone with good taste who is also downsizing. It all works somehow.

  • WOW Andy, just had a look at your post here and what an amazing achievement you have made on your journey. Well done to you. 7 st 4 lbs over 55 weeks, great!!

    It is all about the right mind set and believing that anything is possible and never giving up on yourself.

    Many congratulations on all your achievements :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • That was a while ago. 7'stone 13 lbs now. It has made me realise that with the right mindset you can do almost anything. Besides the weight loss I'm can't believe how fit I am compared to where I started. It really is all in the mind.

    Thank you for your kind words and well done yourself.

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