Temptation Everywhere!

I had to go into work for a training day. There were plates of biscuits and cakes everywhere. Normally I would join in the feeding frenzy and actually put food in my mouth without given it a second thought. I politely refused and said I was choosing to eat healthier. I was pleased I managed to say "No"..👍

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  • This translates in to other areas of our lives. Well done! :D

  • I think if you do have a treat it's one you want other then what's available. Well done to you! :)

  • That's a really good point - a treat should be a treat on our terms - not just an excuse to eat what's there. But like a lot of things it's easier said than done - but you did it 👏👏👏

  • Yay! And it was an empowering feeling. I have decided that for me I have to be completely abstinent from sugar until I reach my goal weight and then when I do have something sugary it is very much the exception not the rule...if that makes sense.....

  • You ROCK!

    Without knowing it you have taken a major step in your weight loss.

    When you keep exercising that control and discipline and push away the pleasure of food and focus on the pain of being overweight you it will get easier each time.,

    And when you reach your goal you CAN occasionally say YES to cake :)

  • Dave.....

    Yes I'm so pleased I am getting back into this mind set. I have managed it the past and maintained things for so long. But I lost focus and motivation, slipping back in to old patterns of relating with and using food. Stumbling on this site was a God send..... Thanks again for the encouragement...☺

  • You may find planning ahead for the next similar event helps. Maybe take a bowl of fruit salad, or a bunch of grapes to add to the 'spread', or just a piece of fruit for yourself to enjoy, as you love yourself enough to say no to staying overweight and submitting to temptation.

    Well done for refusing.

  • Ooh that's a great response! I have a real issue with this kind of thing as I run a socialising group and we go out for dinner and drinks all the time. Because I'm the organiser it's really difficult for me to then abstain from tucking in because if I say 'I'm on a diet' or 'watching my weight' or whatever then often lots of the other people either feel that they shouldn't enjoy it either and then I've wrecked the event or even worse, I start getting the peer pressure to eat or drink. I like the phrase 'I'm trying to eat more healthily', I will be stealing that. Also if anyone else has any cool ways to get past the peer pressure bit without saying 'I'm on a diet' I would love to know. xx

  • I overdid it yesterday, sorry.

    I'm on a course of antibiotics (white lie to avoid alcohol).

    I'm finding <insert food group> doesn't agree with me at the moment.

    I've just had an injection for <insert relevant flu jab, travel inoculation etc> (again a white lie).

    I'm having lots of fruit juice at the moment to help me get over a cold.

    That superfood salad looks fun, anyone else going to try it with me?

    Alternatively as the organiser maybe choose a place with healthier options?

  • Wow, you are strong. Good on you for taking control of your life. Think of all the addictive sugar you said NO to. Fantastic. Sugar is mean and is the main culprit in obesity. You did well

  • Well done. It's easy said than done when faced with lots of goodies and not partaking.

    "No" is a good word and It's a word we all need to learn to say more and not have guilty feelings for saying it.

    Have a fab week and keep up the good work.

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