Slim Noodles

Tried these in a stir fry last night and thought they were really good. Anyone else tried these. They do a slim pasta and a slim rice so would be good to hear other views on these.

The noodles I had last night only,have 9 calories and nutritionally contain virtually nothing but In a soy/oyster sauce they were really nice and filling. Just wondered what the rice and pasta were like. I have already made a big order of the noodles as I got them at 2 for 1 with free postage working out at £1.25 per pack which is enough for one serving.

They have no carbs so a good product if you are reducing your carb intake. I have heard some people say the texture is strange. I found it no problem at all. They have no,taste but take on the flavour,of whatever sauce you use so a real good low/no carb alternative.


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22 Replies

  • ooooooooooh wow, this sounds interesting.

    I have been finding it hard to imagine going on without rice, pasta and noodles; but really want to cut out the carbs; I'd like to try these out..

    where did you get them from, if you dont mind me asking?


  • Got a couple of packs from Holland and Barret. Buy one get one half price to try them.

    Have ordered more from a website BOGOF deal with free postage for bigger orders.

  • oooh thanks

  • Bear in mind that this product swells in your stomach, so you need to make sure you are drinking enough water. It can cause constipation and gut problems in some people, so probably not a good idea to eat it every day.

    Perhaps try some courgette pasta or some cauliflower rice?

  • Hi,

    How timely, I had a look at them today in Holland and Barrett but we're £2.49 per pack and I thought a bit pricey even just to try.

    Where did you buy them from?


  • Yes they are expensive but try one pack from Holland and Barrer then trawl the Internet for deals (see above).

  • Thanks Andy,

    I'll have a look


  • That's if you like them

  • Hi Andy,

    I've tried most of them. I had heard of Konjac products before but didn't know where I could buy them, then I saw the Slim Pasta at Holland & Barrett. My favourite is the fettucine, I don't have a problem with the taste, you can make a flavoursome accompaniment to eat it with.

  • If this is wheat free (which I presume it is) I may try it too. I think these things are maybe okay in moderation, as an alternative when you're craving the flavours of a pasta meal but know you shouldn't really have the pasta.

  • But that's the thing it's not wheat and it's not pasta.

  • Intrigued. What on earth is in them?

  • They are made from a plant called Konjac. That's as much as I know but it's obviously not calorific at 9 cals per pack.

  • Thanks Andy.

  • The texture of the pasta one isn't as nice as the noodle one. I agree with the comments above that courgette or carrot noodles are much nicer and better for you.

  • I have had months living on courgette and other veg noodles. I agree very nice and tasty but still have a liking for real noodles or pasta and this is a very good substitute.

  • I have tried these too - I think they are great for a quick low cal lunch with some tomato sauce (not ketchup - you know the ones in jars). They smell a bit funny straight out of the packet but I rinse them really well then add them to the sauce - half a jar to a packet. I have also tried courgette noodles but not cauliflower rice (must look that up). I have got them on 2 for 1 at Holland & Barrett and also Whole Foods.

  • If you are a member of Groupon I think these were on offer today - need to spend about £25 though.

    I have some in the cupboard but haven't yet tried them.

  • I bought the mixed pack from groupon and on the packet it says that they have a smell to them but you rinse them and it is supposed to to go away but the ones I had I rinsed them for ages and afraid the smell (fish) did not go away and I could not eat them with the smell but maybe now they are different.

  • I agree that they do retain the smell a little but when mixed in with whatever sauce you use it seems to disappear.

  • Might be a good idea to look at possible side effects, particularly if you are taking any BP or cholesterol medication?

  • Thanks for that but don't intend having them on a regular basis, just now and again for a change. Generally have courgette noodles or other veg

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