Extension seat belts - here we come!!

Tomorrow we're off to sunny Spain for two weeks

I enjoy my swimming, I've always been a swimmer and even though my osteoarthritis (if you're new to me I'm 23, 6ft 4inches and 28st 11lbs) has been playing up in the last week or so the water always seems to help.

I won't be weighing myself whilst I'm there but will do when I'm back. I will try to keep my calorie intake down to what it has been this week (3500 - 3750). The last time I went away on a summer holiday (3 yrs ago) aside from travelling I put on 4 lbs and went from 23st 7lbs -----> 23st 11lbs.

Speak on my return



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8 Replies

  • hi rob i have osteoarthritis swimming is the best thing for you but even though your on holiday remember the pain you will suffer if you don't stick to your diet i'm 48 years old and like you i'm 6ft 3in and 20 stone ive lost seven but still keep think the more i lose the less i have to carry so enjoy your holiday in Spain the more you swim the more weight that come of the easier your walking will be and just to say i have it in my spin, hips, and knees let me know how you get on when you come back kind regards bigalan

  • Hi Alan,

    I couldn't agree more! I know I won't lose any while I'm away and will put weight on but as soon as I return I will be back being strict with myself. I have had the osteoarthritis since I was eighteen (23 now) had an operation on both knees (osteotomy) when I was 19 but will need a knee replacement in both knees by the time I'm 26. I also have gout in both big toes and believe I am also developing the osteo in my hips too.

    Cheers - Rob

  • well enjoy your holiday it just i find that when i'm on holiday i lose more weight because of the sea air and the exercise by walking because that's all i can do with having three disc out and my sciatic nerve trapped and like you ive got osteoarthritis in my spine hips and knees see you when you come home have a nice time bigalan

  • Have a fab time, holidays are necessities not luxuries, try to stay semi focused lol and just enjoy😎


  • Hi Flossie,

    I beg to differ! :) I will definately be staying focused - being able to swim for free whenever you feel like it makes exercising easy and I will just eat less over the course of the day - I hope to come back having only put on 3-4lbs rather than the last time I went away when I came back having put on 5 3/4

    Cheers - Rob

  • Enjoy sunny Spain Rob, sounds like you've got some good plans in place. Perhaps you might want to continue the swimming when you get back?

  • Hi Ruth,

    We've arrived safely - even after we had to buy two seats for me last minute! I just hope I can relax and enjoy myself after (excuse me swearing) a really crap couple of months. Swimming is definately something I have always enjoyed and it helps with my osteoarthritis too it's a win - win

    Cheers - Rob

  • Have a great holiday Rob. It was a holiday that started me off in a way - I so much enjoyed walking, swimming and kayaking on my hols then when I got back I met a friend in the supermarket who had started dieting and exercising and was looking so much better. Swimming is brilliant isn't it? Takes the strain off the joints. Have fun!

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