Week 13 : forgetful snacking !!

Hi all,

Woke feeling great, jumped out of bed and on the scales to find had stayed the same !! How I asked myself ??, took dog out and on return sat with a cup of coffee and went through food diary.

It all looked good, exercise x 3, kept within calories so decided just go with it then :

Breakfast for last few days had 'guessed' muesli portion, today weighed portion and to my surprise my 'guesstimate was nearly double !!

Had breakfast then did shopping list, again another surprise, no biscuits left !! must have been burgled !!! Mmmm maybe I did have a couple !!! No cheese slices in fridge, husband does not eat cheese, can a dog open a fridge ????

So all in all I have done good not to put on, so goal for this week is weigh, measure and record EVERY thing I eat and drink, it's scary how mindless eating adds up.

A good lesson learned.

Have a good week everyone.



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7 Replies

  • Good morning flossie, absolutely love your post :-)

    You have done a great job this week maintaining with all those almost double portions, biscuits and cheese slices LOL. At least it didn't tip the scales the wrong way.

    We have to watch everything....I made a home made veg quiche followed by a home made cheese and onion pie followed by roast gammon dinner this week so I don't know what to expect on the scale tomorrow, but because I'm off I decided I would treat the family to good old classics, but I am a little worried because of the pastries and salt in the gammon, but hay ho we really did enjoy it :-) we are only human after all

    Have a wonderful week flossie and keep up the good work hun :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Hi Trafford1,

    Your week sounds lovely, it's hard when we want to make and eat 'nice things' , especially for the family.

    I am sure you will hold your own on the scales whatever the result. Sometimes it's more important to share the pleasure that is in the memories made of good food and quality family time than fighting the dilemma of 'what should I have'

    look forward to your post.


  • I guesstimate my muesli too but I know how many portions should be in the container and go by that as a failsafe, i.e. about 2 weeks worth. For mindless eating I recommend putting things in more difficult containers or difficult to reach shelves. Good luck for fixing two very common weak points that we all encounter! Hopefully scales will reward you for all your other hard work too next week :)

  • This made me laugh, so easily done. Good luck for this week.

  • Muesli! The dieters Achilles Heel! My pre 12 prog portions had enough energy to power the space shuttle! Looks Healthy, Tastes Healthy, More the better eh? I can now make a small box last well over a week - used to think I was being good only eating two boxes a week! Ha!

  • Morning Flossie. Eeeh our pooches are intelligent little beggars, lol. And where do I start on husbands!! Obviously they are framing you and your scales, well they are obviously old and senile too........ Seriously though, you seem to have a good take on what went awry and are rectifying it. Hope this week is superduper for you.

    P.S. my little monster of a dog can actually open the fridge - and the cooker, doors, drawers, etc... he is a right cheeky little monkey, but I can never be cross with him. 😊

  • My boy is an old and fat cross lab/Rottweiler ( I'm more Rottweiler than the dog lol) but he does have a nose for food. My husband reckons he knows every time I go into the kitchen as it means food and he knows the sound of fridge door being opened and the biscuit barrel !!!

    Just as well he can't post !


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