Yes, I've avoided the chocolate buttons!

Day 1 today and my first day without chocolate for many months. I have to admit I did take a small pack of chocolate buttons as I felt lost without them but in my mind I wanted to resist them and reading this forum has distracted me long enough to not eat them or want them any more. It might not seem like much to most people, but it's a real achievement to me as chocolate is definitely my 'drug'.

Having gone without it tonight has given me confidence that I can do it tomorrow too. Thanks for helping me to get started everyone!


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4 Replies

  • Doesn't it make you feel SO good about yourself when you stay strong against those evil chocolates? :D

    Well done!

  • Well done!

    Have you tried the options hot chocolate sachets? They come in lots of different flavours and are about 40cals a cup... They always take my craving away 😇

  • My thing is Cornish pasties and not had one now for well over a year. It's a nightmare walking past the shops in town or railway stations but just won't let myself fail.

  • Eight months without a sip of wine. Two months without chocolate. Nearly three months of hardly any beer (Max 2 a week!!) Know how you feel - but there is the other side of craving. Once you stop you have a day or so of your body saying where is it? A bit longer of your inner Chimp saying where's my treat? and then it all just leaves you alone to get on with it!

    You've found a strategy which works - distraction and you noticed that the thoughts and feelings went away! You've discovered the crave wave and you ready to give it up altogether! Its just a combination of fat and sugar. Its a badly put together foodstuff as far as humans are concerned. Cheap and profitable for the manufacturers and the food industry. Keep your Money Keep your Health! Stuff the buttons!

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