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Day 1

Today marks the first day of a new fitness change. Today I've walked/jogged for 30 mins once this morning and another time about an hour ago! I've burnt well over 600 calories and i'm extremely happy with myself!!! Although my food aspect has been bad. A packet of sweets and a coffee with cream from Nero! But hey, I've done well considering. I've decided to post my progress because I feel it'll help me stay motivated. I'll weigh myself a week yesterday and see how much I've lost! And also start measuring myself as inches lost is just as important! Bring on tomorrow!!

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Hi there, well you may have had a blip but at least you are conscious about it. If you record the blip and any future ones and keep up the exercise, then when it is your weigh in, if you lose weight it may encourage you to do better. I know in the past I gave done ok then due to exercise thought, oh I can have the odd treat. However, I always end up having more treats than I should and the weight loss stops and the weight gain starts!!!!! Don't stop treats, just be aware of them. Well done with the exercise, I too have started to do more. Good luck hunny. X


If we go on a huge bike ride my treat is a skinny latte but I put 3 or 4 sweetness in so it is really sweet. Makes me feel like a real treat not a blooming banana... No disrespect to bananas meant! Keep going have fun x


Good luck you sound really motivated! I'm struggling with my weight so I might be motivated if I follow your progress x


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