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I really want to loose about 2 stone my weight is steadily increasing I was very ill 5 years ago and lost a lot of weight and kept it off until about 3 years ago

My problem is I'm an emotional eater and like lots of others food is comfort for every emotion going

I recently came back from holiday and felt amazing but the feeling is fast disappearing and I'm starting to replace it with food I want to do some gentle exercise but don't know whether to go to a class or buy a home DVD or something

I really need some motivation I was going to join slimming world but don't really want to fork out the money so here I am any motivating tips welcome


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  • I can totally relate to that. I am

    The same snd every time I think positively about losing weight something else happens! I have joined slimming world twice but when I don't follow the plan

    For a few days I put more weight on and then loose any incentive I I had. I put on weight very easily now and that doesn't give me encouragement. I am determined to keep trying and you will too 😊

  • Thanks, yes I have a couple of friends of friends who've lost loads on slimming world and although you're chuffed for them it only reiterates how rubbish you are and the mountain seems higher ...well this time we'll do it. I am going to try to think of something to aim for as sometimes it helps to stay focused.Have you much to loose? Good Luck x

  • I would like to loose 4 stone! Which is loads!!!! Had a really bad couple of days and stuffed myself, just felt starving! I am getting married in April so got to get a grip! How much do you want to loose? Xx

  • Have a look at the couch to 5k programme. I started doing it just in my normal clothes and some canvas shoes, although the guys on the couch to 5k forum pushed me to upgrade to some cheap (£25) running shoes from Sports Direct. Apart from that though, as long as you have a smartphone/ipod and headphones, it's free to do, and you will be able to run in 9 weeks. On top of that I found it gave me an amazing feeling of achievement all the way through and really motivated me not to let my diet affect my ability to run a little further each time. I started eating healthier the night before a run etc. And I also followed it with the NHS 12 week weight loss plan. Both are amazing because of the way things are broken down into small changes and the encouragement you get on the forums on here. And they're both about making sustainable changes which I've found quite manageable to keep going with.

    Here's the couch to 5k link if you're curious :)


  • Thanks this looks great hope I do as well as you 😀

  • Thank you Ruth will look at that. I use to run a lot and really enjoyed it. However feel so overweight now I think I would do more harm than good! X

  • People start couch to 5k from different points. Some people aim to start running 20 seconds first, then build up to the initial 1 minute. But if you're really worried about doing harm with exercising then it's worth asking a professional. Your gp might be able to advise, but also if you have a local gym someone there could advise too. I found it very manageable at about 2 stone overweight, and a lot of people who are significantly more overweight have managed couch to 5k too. You just don't set out to become a marathon runner, you take it slow, and you stop if your body tells you to.

  • I'm doin couch to 5k but can't run or jog as I have arthritis in my hips and knees so I'm doin at power walk pace which works for me xxx

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