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Revised target for holiday

Hi everybody hope you are all doing well , and on right path to achieving your respective goals.

Have revised weight goal for my holiday 17th September now of 95 kilos (original target was 100 kilos)

Stuck on 99.5 kilos at moment hardly lost anything last 2 weeks , not concerned this is a journey not a schedule.

Couch to 5 km going brilliantly done X4 30 minute jogs this week starting with 4 minute warm up then building from there .

Must admit I am the worst jogger on treadmill ever just keep plodding along at 9.4km then attempting to build my speed to around 10.2km-10.4km hit 5 km at 30.41 minutes today ,jogged at leisurely pace till 34.30 minutes then walked on gradient till 56 minutes to ease strain on hamstrings.

In a nutshell if I can do this anybody can.

Thank you for reading this stay positive,keep going we are all in this for the long haul.

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Just started in so week 1, tried after Christmas on a c25 programme, not this one, it was called running bug. Started off o.k but a few days in felt as though i was dieing. I have m.e so i guess it was just too much and find swimming much better. Need to loose some though as my joints hurt. Having tbe m.e does cause me to need to rest more and i admit i do comfort eat.

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Sweetpea, you have joined the right place to find friends and encourgement in your journey to health eating and hopefully easy your joint pain. I have found swimming a brilliant way of getting exercise without putting extra strain on the body and hope it will work for you as well. Do this on the days when your ME allows you to or try short walks that get you out in the fresh air, if you can find a friend to do this with all the better.

I have the most important thing for me in learning to eat healthily was to consider everything I eat, eat slowly, cut down on portion sizes of carbs and cut out foods that are high in sugar. For me that meant cutting down on bread, potatoes and pasta and cutting out cakes and biscuits. I also have found ways over the months to replace some foods with lower calories alternatives.

There is nothing wrong with making changes slowly, this is not a race, this is a way to try to become as healthy as we can and become more content with ourselves.

Ros1 xx

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I think that you have done fabulously. To have to change your target to a lower weight is super. Well done you.

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Thanks !!! (",)


Hi Greensmoothieking, well done for already achieving your first goal and setting yourself a new one to aim for. I hope you really enjoy your holiday in September.


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