Gained 3 Kgs in 3 days!!

My clean and healthy eating has been going very well until last Friday when I indulged due to having visitors so eating unhealthly for 3 days. The 3 kgs gained in 3 days, honestly that is too much for the short time, is it fat or undigested food or there is an explanation? I do not understand. Anyone who understand this chemistry in our bodies please guide as I doubt that fat can build in the 3 days?

Thanks alot


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6 Replies

  • Thanks a lot bigleg, I think you are possibly right I have tried to be good today I will check tomorrow if it helps. Can't we really enjoy the summer without putting the pounds on?!!! How annoying!!!

  • What is LCHF? Please educate me so I know what to do whilst on holidays. A. Worried

  • Thanks bigleg. I must admit u have noticed weight gain when I continue eating too many carbs. Much appreciated

  • Very helpful and I sure shall enjoy!

  • See my reply to the post today titled Admission. I've just gained 11 lbs in 5 days and lost 9 lbs of that in 2 days. Don't know the science behind it but the reply from bigleg does seem to explain it. Mostly water retention but have to be really good after a blowout.

  • Very helpful

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