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This is me starting off to try and, no not try but actually lose weight and get healthier.

I am 59 years of age and although when younger was always slim fit and healthy have now changed into an over weight inactive old lady...and I am going to try and save myself. I have been drinking too much alcohol and eating stupidly for about the last 4 years and things have to change as my health is being effected.....so here goes.

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I also started my weight loss journey drinking too much alcohol. Getting a grip on my alcohol has really helped. I really think this is where the bulk of my extra calories were coming from. Here are some tips I've picked up so far, hopefully they'll help you too!

Buy small measures at the pub. Buy halfs rather than pints, ask for 125ml glasses of wine (or the smallest they'll do). The need to get up and buy another drink sort of slows you down, and you kind of believe in the illusion of the smaller glass (trying to make it last as long as others' drinks), and you end up drinking less overall.

Whether at home or out, always have a glass of water on the go too, and keep the water nearer to your hand - you end up absent-mindedly sipping water instead of the alcoholic drink.

Alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. E.g. I alternate virgin and bloody marys.

Lower-alcohol options: spritzers, home-made punch, shandy.

Make up a really nice jug of water with lemon and orange slices and big chunks of mint and keep it in the fridge ready to drink any time.

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Have you looked at the 12 week weight loss plan pages? There are loads of tips on there too. nhs.uk/Livewell/weight-loss...


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