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One year and counting

Hi there, I have tried every diet going, and got nowhere. I end up getting fed up with them or stressed and then put all of the weight back on and more. I have a wonderful family that try to support me but then snack on junk for supper. My eldest son is getting married in one year and I am currently a size 20. I have gotten onto the scales this morning to find I am 16 stone 9 pound!!! I have never been this weight ever before. I don't know where to start other than know I love food!!! I also hate exercise. Even at school age I did everything I could to escape exercise and always managed it. I have joined all the gyms in the area and go for about six weeks lying to myself that I am enjoying it then come home and stuff my face as I hate it! I have decided today to start writing a journal so that I can record how I am feeling, emotionally and physically. Not sure if it will help but thought it was a start??

Please help.

Thank you

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Hi Desperate2015,

It's great that you've started writing a journal so you can record how you're feeling (both emotionally and physically) as it will probably help you. I know you've tried lots of eating plans in the past, but I wondered if you've seen the NHS 12 week plan, as it's a structured plan lasting 12 weeks that is full of useful information and advice. It's definitely worth a look, and the link is here:


Using an app like Myfitnesspal is also helpful to record food and drink intake, plus exercise. It's great to keep a track of those things, and can also help with pre-planning - which I'd also really recommend.

It's great that you're son is getting married next year, as that's an occasion to work towards in terms of allowing yourself a good amount of time to lose some weight. You could achieve a lot in that time, all being well.

There are lots of very supportive and encouraging people on this site, and it's great that you've come here, as hopefully having some support around you will help too. If you like weigh-ins, then I run a regular Monday weigh-in (entitled 'Please Join Me for a Monday Weigh-in' - current date in brackets) and I usually post that first thing on Monday morning (about 7am or thereabouts). You'd be very welcome to join us, if you wanted to.

Whatever you decide to do, I wish you success with your weight loss goals.

Lowcal :-)


Hi there Lowcal

Thank you for your reply. I have come across the site by accident today which is what brought me to this forum. Thank you for your encouraging words. I will be sure to join you on the Monday weigh in's - what a brilliant idea.

I have also booked in to see the obesity nurse at my GP's so this will get me started before i see her next Friday.

I have an app "The Perfect Diet Tracker" which I have downloaded this morning as this is on all of my 'i" products so I can take it everywhere I go.

I have also set myself a diary reminder to text me to remind me daily.

Again, thank you for your support. I am sure I will need it along my journey.

For now - feeling positive x



I'm so glad you're feeling positive today, and it's great that you've already downloaded an app to help you track, plus that diary reminder too. Glad you'll be joining in the Monday weigh-ins, and I'll look out for you!

Have a great weekend.

Lowcal :-)


Joining this site is a great start. I have dieted on and off for years and always put the weight back on. This time I really had to lose weight so that I would be eligible for a kidney transplant. I started the NHS 12 week plan 11 weeks and 5 days ago. I am so pleased that I did. It has been completely different from other diets, it has helped me change my attitude to eating. I have never sustained a weight loss plan for so long and been so successful. I have lost 14kg and I plan to carry on with the plan. Like low cal suggests I am using myfitnesspal to track my calorie intake. I plan my meals so that I know how many calories I have available each day, this means that I know when I can have the occasional indulgence (in my case a lovely bag of crisps). I love cooking and by looking online and in cookery books I have become far more adventurous with my cooking, I was getting stuck in a bit of a rut before. The biggest thing that has helped me has been this site. When I feel like snacking I come on here and read the posts and reply to a few. The members of the site are very supportive and encouraging and I've picked up loads of tips and ideas.

You've got an exciting wedding to act as your incentive. Set yourself small targets so that you don't get discouraged and go for it. Good luck.


Hi Desperate 2015. Just reading your posts and then the grat replies this morning. I hope you go on with the diary, the nurse and figure out a few baby steps this week. You have mentioned lots of things that could help you in your postBand replies.

If you don't like the gym ever tried 5 mins stretching at home? The NHS have some lovely routines. I mention that because when I was desperate last October that in fact was my own kick off moment. Hope the week goes well


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