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Winning at Swimming

So I didn't do an hour, I did 30 minutes but that was AMPLE. It was the first time I've been swimming, so I had some figuring out to do I guess.


No seriously, I feel totally relaxed, physically tired (that lovely cosy sleepy feeling) and not pulled or stretched anywhere but still somehow feel 'tighter' across my tummy and legs.. Winner! :)

Some things I learned today:

Swimming is bloomin hard work! 30 mins and I was more tired than I am from couch to 5k, but a different sort or tired.

I didn't feel self conscious AT ALL in my swimming cozzy, I thought I'd feel like a hefferlump in a sausage skin but actually I just thought 'bugger it, if people are looking at me they can see a fat girl doing something about her weight, if they've got a problem with that they are clearly morons... Now go for it' *cue personal theme tune*

Finally, I was surprised for the first time by my weight. I don't mean the number or how I look, I mean my actual weight, my mass. When you've been in the pool 30 mins, it's like your body forgets how heavy you are and when you get out of the water, for the first 30 seconds or so you can FEEL how much weight you're carrying... It feels a bit like you're wearing a lead vest...

Btw, 18st 1lb is HEAVY.

That's all :)

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Glad you enjoyed your swim :) I bet you will feel it in your shoulders tomorrow but then you will know how hard you worked!

Enjoy your next dip :)


Well done HanPan. If your gym offers any Aqua aerobics classes that fit with your work schedule, they are also a low impact way of getting both aerobic and resistance exercise. And they usually last an hour!


That was your first ever swim? Was it a lesson, or is swimming just a lot easier than I imagine it to be? I think I'd really enjoy swimming but I feel like there are so many barriers to getting started.


It was my first swim in 4 years but I'm a very very weak swimmer. It wasn't a lesson, I just turned up and went swimming :) you should book in for an adult swimming lesson, it only takes about 4 weeks to become proficient enough to exercise :)


I tried to look up adult swimming lessons but it just didn't look straightforward. I'd also need to get a swimming costume, and as you bravely did, wear it in front of people I don't know... and what about goggles and the rubber hat thing you put on your head. Seems complicated!


Haha you don't need those things just a cozzy :)


Well done HanPan, I was about the same size as you last year, having already dropped 4st., when I started swimming again. I found a 50+ session at my local leisure pool and taking my courage in both hands and with a new cossy with skirt from Bonmarche went along. I have loved every time and have gradually built-up my stamina, I can now do about 600m in 45 minutes, normally going twice a week. Sadly the Leisure centre is closed at the moment for a big refurb, the pool should reopen at the end of September, I can't wait.

It is such a brilliant way of exercising and don't forget that being heavier you will burn more calories as you do it then a lighter person. You are using different muscles then other forms of exercise, you don't have to worry about getting over hot AND IT'S FUN.



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