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I am new to this community. I have been gaining weight and have no idea what is causing the weight gain. I am not able to loose it and nothing seems to help. It is not from water or fluid retention because i am not swelling anywhere. Also i have not changed my diet at all and if anything i am not eating as much. I am on some medications that i dont know if it is causing the weight gain. I am currently taking savella, amitriptilyne, robxain and tramadol.

I am going to see the doctor next weds for this and was wondering if there is anything that i should ask the doctor to give me to help me with my weight loss.

Please help!!!

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What is your diet \ exercise level like?


I should wait until you see your doctor and ask them if your medication is a possible cause of the weight gain. Also check out your calories (in and out). I've recently bought a Fitbit an have been surprised at how little energy I expend on some days, way under the 2000 for an average woman. I have adjusted my exercise and food consumption accordingly and have noticed an improvement in my weight loss


Me too Fitbit is great no cheating and I drink more water as you have to log that too.

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whilst waiting for your Drs appt why not see your pharmacist after all they are the profession who know more about medication and (s)he may give you some pointers to discuss with your GP. Good luck


I would write a list of everything you eat and drink and take it to gp with you. Doctors hear a lot of people saying they don't eat much. This way he will take your concerns more seriously.


Hopefully your doctor can shed some light on whats causing it, how long have you been taking the meds for? A word of warning though, if you are looking to lose the weight after you see your doctor be aware of the weight loss programs out there if you decide to go that root, I always check up on sites like womensweightlossexpert.com to make sure things are not scams first, just a recommendation if you decide to go that root yourself.

Good luck


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