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9lbs lost in 5 weeks

Just a message to say anyone that is thinking about doing the NHS 12 week weight loss plan do it!

I have lost 9lbs in 5 weeks and I do not feel like I have been on a diet in the slightest.

Prior to starting this I did eat out a lot and ordered a lot of takeaways.. Just fell into a bad habit with having a stressful job and working long hours.

Eating out is something I really enjoy.. I am still able to do this but choose healthier options and smaller portions.

I have also had a takeaway once a week as I love Chinese! But instead of having spring rolls, prawn crackers and chips I now opt for a dish with boiled rice and it still tastes nice and I don't feel like I am depriving myself.

Excercise is something I didn't do a lot of.. The nhs weightloss plan recommends 150 mins a week which I would say I have been sticking to. Didn't want to join a gym but I have been power walking or swimming around 3 times a week which has been enjoyable.

The thought of cutting out carbs, or not being able to eat crisp or fasting for two days a week is just something I couldn't do (although I no different diets suit different people)

I'm now going on to my 6th week and watching what I eat is now becoming a habit.

Losing 1-2lb a week has been enough for me, I have learnt not to expect to loose more than this on a weekly basis otherwise you just set yourself up for disappointment!

I hope that this post will encourage others in a similar position to me.

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Well done on the 9lbs weight loss. Keep up the good work.


Congrats on losing 9lb in the first 5 weeks. I'm about a week behind you, and trying to lose about 1-2lb a week too, it feels like a healthy rate. Good luck for the week ahead :)


Well done you and I must look at that healthy eating plan.




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