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Not a good week for me,I have gained just under 1kg this week,I did all the wrong things,attended 2family occasions,funeral and also a christening,buffet at both,no excuse I ate all the wrong stuff,so have to take responsibility,disappointed but changes already this week.Bread and sweet stuff again,feel as if I cant look at the treats without wanting to try all of them.Journey onwards now

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  • Hey, at least you know where you went wrong, I bet that before you began your weight loss programme you wouldn't have even thought about the extra calories you have eaten. Your now getting back on track so forget about last week.

  • Thank you for support and yes you are correct,was fully aware and know the pitfalls now,ahead now now look back

  • Don't cut yourself up.. Try and think you could do it before so you are capable of getting back on track. Funerals are stressful was it someone close to you. Keep us posted. Stay positive.

  • Thank you,that is so kind, I am back on track now and intent to move on and allow,it was someone close who were fortunate to have a lovely long life,but its watching the close family that is sad,thank you for your support

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