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Weekends are for play

I gave myself free reins during the weekend, since I had a guest over and were going to two raves, weighed in this morning and had still lost 2 kilos. I'm glad with the first week-result, but I think I need to eat a bit more, so I don't lose weight too quickly and just regain it again.

I'm going to aim for about a kilo at the most per week, and I am doing four weeks just adjusting my food, and then adding work out. Slooooooow sloooooow.

I'm not actually aiming to lose weigth for good, which makes me a bit of a strange one, but the statistics says I wont be able to, so instead I'm going to try to lose a bit, and try to find out what foods I feel best with as I go. And modify my life accordingly. Hopefully then I'll feel ok from the inside, even if I regain.

However much I dream about being thin, I need to really get that it is health that is the first priority, and health I can have in more sizes than society tells me.

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