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On a mission to find the best weight loss tea!

Hi guys, has anyone got any recommendations on weight loss tea's? Both effective and tasty??

I've tried quite a few now, many of them disappointing, especially the bagged versions. I'm starting to think loose leaf is the way to go to get the most out of them. My favourite so far is from a brand called Nude Tea Australia, they only sell organic loose leaf and each one also comes with a bag of powdered herb concentrate so the tea is super gutsy after it's brewed. I love the ginger/cinnamon flavours, the tea keeps my toilet visits regular and has the bonus of fresh breath all day too haha. So far I've lost about 5 kilos in the last 2 months. Slimming Tea had some good ones too, but they were bagged and I feel lost a little of their potency, although they did taste great. There's some other interesting combo's out there, but a lot of companies seem to find being effective yet still tasting nice hard to balance.

Let me know any others anyone has had success with as I'm keen to give them a try.

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Twinings liquorice tea is delicious, and available at most supermarkets. It's very sweet, so can help with sugar cravings. Google 'liquorice tea' to see the range of benefits. May not be recommended if you have high blood pressure though.


I love Pukka's Peppermint & Liquorice tea, no calories and a lovely flavour. I'm not sure tea makes you lose weight, perhaps stops you snacking by quashing a craving?


any tea you like. There's virtually no calories until you put in milk and sugar. I personally don't believe there is any magic ingredient that stimulates your body either. The only way to lose weight is to change your energy budget. Less in, more out.

If you find tea a comfort at this difficult time then that's good.

Good luck :)


The reason your "slimming" teas haven't worked is because there's no such thing! Tea is calorie free if you don't add milk. Don't be sucked in by "miracle" ads for losing weight and cure alls for everything under the sun! Its all rubbish!


Green tea is sipposed to have weight loss properties. I bought some green tea with lemon yday. Google online for info. Good luck with your weight loss 😀


I agree about the myth of so called slimming teas. A good quality tea, my favourite is Twinnings "Everyday Tea", with lemon is as good as anything. I do drink china tea as well, also with a slice of lemon.

One drink i read about that i think helped me, certainly to stay on track is water infused with apple and cinnamon. I use a large jug, about 11/2 litre, fill it with either tap water or bottled water then add a chopped apple and a broken up cinnamon stick. Initially leave it in the fridge overnight then drink it during the day. You are supposed to be able to refill it with water twice more. I normally replace it every other day. The taste is quite mild just slightly appley. However since drinking since last xmas i have lost 4 stone. All my life i have found sticking to a diet really hard long term but this time time i feel that my whole attitude to dieting has changed and although i been "naughty" from time to time sticking to a sensible eating routine has been so easy. Clothes that i have had for a few years that, although still fashionable, now fit me and when i look at something bad that i would like to eat i think of those and the effort seems worthwhile.

So do try good tea with lemon, or the apple and cinnamon stick water as they have certainly helped me. Another little discovery that i made was to do with milk. Try as i might i do like milk in my coffee but not thin watery skimmed milk .However if you buy the sterilised, not long life, milk because of the way it is heat treated i suppose it makes it taste richer and seems to me as if i have semi skimmed or even full fat milk in my coffee.

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If you really don't like skimmed milk (I do) are the calories in semi-skimmed really such a big deal... unless you are drinking more tea in a day than is good for you anyway?


I like to have tea made with sprigs of fresh mint as a treat. Good if you are having a bit of trouble 'signing off' at the end of a meal without having dessert.

As for 'weight loss teas' no thanks, heard too much about some of the liver toxic stuff that can be in 'medicinal' teas.


Thanks for all the feedback everyone, I'll definitely have to give the liquorice tea a try, I do love liquorice flavour so I think that could be a winner. My experience seems to have been different to some of you as the herbal properties in these teas I feel help a lot with weight loss. I think the tea's have helped me because the herbs definitely aid in digestion which is a big part of weight loss and not getting bloated or clogged up. Obviously that has to do with diet also but the tea's definitely help a lot, and they're a nice break after drinking so much water, especially if you cold brew them in summer YUM! Sherry66 I agree the tea's themselves do have properties that boost metabolism so they do help, and they also help with cholesterol and constipation (speaking from personal experience) so I'm a believer. Here's the link to the one I mentioned:


Anyone tried this?:



Best one I know about is Du Zhong Diet Tea. I think available on Amazon and from website.


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