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End of Week 6

I had such a frantic week last week so didn't have a weigh in. On getting on the scales this morning I have lost 1lb in 2 weeks... not great is it? I've had such a hard time in the last couple of weeks including getting a cold, root canal and excruciating tooth ache plus coping with bad news about loved ones... I'm not using any of these things as an excuse but I guess i've realised that although i havent over eaten, unless I really concentrate on my diet I don't ever end up loosing anything. I guess I'm wishing for the impossible and it's never going to be easy loosing weight, I just feel like it would be a nice boost with everything else going on at the moment.

When I'm concentrating I tend to eat no more than 1100 calories or even less which might result in a 1lb-2lb weight loss - I feel like this is significantly lower than alot of people loosing weight. Although I exercise 3-4 times a week I work in a office so appreciate a more sedentary lifestyle means that I have to have less calories going in.

On the positive this is my 1st half stone gone on this plan, and I'm so glad it's gone. I'm slowly crawling back to the weight I was before I started amitriptyline and actually feeling pretty good about it. I really do think carbohydrates are the things that don't work for me - I find that even though I'm eating the same calories in my meals - if they contain pasta or bread or rice of any kind I just won't loose weight. Which is so confusing as It really is the same number of calories?!? I can't start to understand it but if I know I need to cut out carbs then I need to cut out carbs... it's the only thing that works.

Have to admit I'm struggling with motivation at the moment but it's exactly 2 weeks till I go to sunny Italy and I would be over the moon if I got to 13st by then. Fingers crossed!

Start Weight 13st 11lbs

End of Week 1 13st 10lbs

End of Week 2 13st 7.5lbs

End of Week 3 13st 6lbs

End of Week 4 13st 5lbs

End of Week 6 13st 4lbs

7lbs Total weight loss

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Hi Sd33, the healthy rate to lose is 1-2lb per week, as it's supposed to stay off more effectively then. You got a consistent steady loss going on there, be kinder to yourself, that's successful.

I know what you mean about a sedentary job not helping, I've been office based for 7 months now, at home, resulting in another half stone loss. This has prompted me to look at myself and get all the excess weight off once and for all.

Have a fab holiday, you've already lost half a stone that you wouldn't want to take with you x


Thank you fussybird :) perhaps i just really need to commit to exercise everyday. I guess it is steady.. and as long as im going down and not up that must be a good thing!

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oh, just read my original reply, I've gained another half stone since being desk bound, must have been my wishful thinking to put loss lol.

You are losing weight hun, so doing good x


I've been doing a lot of reading about weight loss and the consensus these days is that all calories aren't equal and that your body deals with calories differently depending on their source. It may be that you have become insulin resistant which means that avoiding sugar, including carbs, is the way forward for you.

Best of luck


This is interesting, I'm pretty sure a life without sugar and carbs would help the weight loss, the challenge is committing to it! Thank you


Start by cutting out anything with added sugar and don't add sugar to anything yourself. Then slowly start reducing natural sugars (eg carbs and fruit).


You are doing amazing keep it up x


Thank you!


I, like you am getting by on fewer than the suggested calories. I am averaging 1200 a day (although today was 1800) and my loss is just over a pound a week. I teach so am fairly active during the day, run between 5 and 10k two times a week, cycle and swim...

I actually wonder how I am not a rake!

I am encouraged to know I am not alone in working bloody hard for a rather slow rate of progress.

Thank you xx


We're not alone! ;) it's nice to know I'm not the only one struggling - I'm very similar - 2 x 7k runs, 1 x 6k and 45mins of netball. I was bending my brothers ear about it today (he's a doctor) and he just said everyone's different and unfortunately its really tough for some people but perhaps I should just really try and commit to intense cardiovascular exercise everyday to shift the weight then back to a slower pace of maintenance. I guess it's worth a try, I might start recording my works outs on my weigh in too, see if I can see a pattern!

I can see we're both trying hard though and that's definitely worth a pat on the back even with slow weight loss! ;)

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How great to have near at hand trustworthy advice...

What do you suppose constitutes high intensity cardio vascular?

Something like the dreaded spin class, kettle bells or boot camp?!

I am currently in my pit having run 7k then swam for 30 mins; I would happily commit a crime to sink my teeth into a dirty great kebab!


Haha! It definitely sounds like you deserve a kebab after that! I really struggle with stopping food rewards after I exercise, slowly learning to say no and to think a 1lb loss is better than a bag of kettle crisps.... isn't it?? ;)

I tried the dreaded boot camp and although I lost inches and toned up I didn't loose much weight. I think 7k and swimming is great but I guess my brother was encouraging me to do it EVERY DAY rather than 3 times a week - I guess I can find the time from somewhere...?!


Hey, please don't beat yourself up about it. You are actually losing weight at the recommended rate. My weight stayed the same last week and I'm going to carry on following the plan. if I stay the same at the next weigh in I'm going to have to reassess myself and make sure that I haven't started to slip back into my lackadaisical ways.

If I can keep going you can too. Have a fabby holiday . Predictive texting changed 'fabby', to 'flabby', not a Freudian slip I promise!


Thank you Linggirl, yeah I must keep remembering this! We know it isn't easy but its always worth trying. I will have a fabby, flabby holiday thank you! ;)


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