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slow down to almost stop

Progress so far:-

week 1 start 87kg and 95cm waist

week 2 start 84.2kg and 88cm waist

week 3 start 82.7kg and 85cm waist

week 4 start 81.3kg and 83cm waist

week 5 start 81.0kg and 83cm waist

So the slow down to almost stop has happened! Rubbish.

Have been sooooo positive so far and feeling really happy with how I am looking, but today I have that feeling of failure happening. Have been counting, being honest about it and know I had 2 bad days as we were away over the weekend but I didnt think it would be that bad as I have been really good the rest of the time.

I know I need to stay positive so today am re focusing and am going carry on and NOT GIVE IN, not today - I have to change habits and food is not going to change how I am feeling! (can you spot my mantra?!) I know lots of you have been right here and I am hoping you may have some tips?...I have another hard weekend ahead as we are doing loads of stuff at the rugby club and bacon butties, cheesy chips, curry and the bar are all calling. Have to work out a plan and stick to it, this is a good thing I am doing for ME and I WILL be able to manage.

Will report in next week, wish me strength to carry on x

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Good Luck, keep going. I know the feeling your talking about. Week 7 1lb, week 8 Nothing !!! How how did that happen ??... I was so good that week as well, totally depressed sulked all day, lol.went to pub ate what I liked, felt totally sick by time I finished eating had to go home early. Woke up next morning felt terrible, to much sugar from the Hugh dessert. Get myself a big kick up the ......... Started afresh with more determination week 9 lost 3 lbs. Now where is the logic in that !!!!

But just like you I'm doing this for ME, find the strength You can do it :)


Just what I needed Thank you! & keep up the good work yourself!

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It's still going in the right direction! 300g is a good weight loss. Well done!


What I see is a 6kg weight loss and 12 cm off your waistline in just 5 short weeks!! Totally Fabby!! You are doing soooo well, and a loss - any loss- is going in the right direction. Keep the faith hun, be proud of how far you have already come. 😊


Keep focused and plan your meals x

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