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Sticking to it!

So it has being 3 months since I have joined, I haven't stuck to the 12 week plan but I have educated my self so much through this site and the posts. For the last 2 years I didn't know where to start, I tried every fad diet, lost a few pounds here and there.

I can not promot this site and plan anoth. Since I have learned about counting calorie and looking at the food I eat I have lost 1st 3lb. The most in 2 years since havin my son, I have changed my hole lifestyle. Having my son I feel into very bad eating habits, don't think I at a single salad, and was just eating junk and take always, ( I still have the odd takeaway so I'm not dieting I'm changing my lifestyle, if I restiked myself I will end up going over the top.) but I would recomend this site to anyone who want to loose wieght and don't know where to start.

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Hi Samryan-19,

It's so great to hear your inspiring progress - losing 1 stone 3 pounds in your first three months on the plan is amazing. Really well done. Incorporating the advice in terms of lifestyle changes is really the best way, because then you can continue those changes for life and enjoy a healthier life.

I'm sure your son will appreciate the changes that you've made, and you can enjoy your time more with him too.

Your post is inspiring and thanks for sharing your progress.

Lowcal :-)


Thank you, it has been tough at times but I'm so desperate to get back to how I was before I had my son, I was happy then with my weight, it's kicking the bad habits which is the hard part.


Well done huni, such a fab weight loss in just 3 months! It's lovely to hear your positive approach to the plan, and I couldn't agree more, sensible lifestyle change is definately the way forward! Best of luck with reaching your goals and I hope you'll stick around on the forum to continue to help motivate the rest of us! 🌸


Thank you, I am taking it slow and allowing myself the odd treat now and again, it seems to be working, I was so hungry at first but now it's ok, I am still hungry but I can mange it now. I have even got the partner eating healthy. Defently a better lifestyle, have much more energy.


Sounds like a very sensible way to manage it, and it's great that you've got your partner eating healthier too! I still fighting that battle lol, he's one of those people that eats whatever he wants and never puts on a pound! 🌸


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