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11 weeks in on my own journey and 1 week of NHS 'plan'

I have just worked out that I am almost 11 weeks into my Bold new journey of life and almost 1 week into the NHS plan.

I decided to use the NHS chart as a mid way shin kick; help keep me away from toast and butter.

It seems to be working. This has been a difficult week emotionally. Struggling with the fact I am still 'overweight' means lots of early nights with herbal tea, thus avoiding the biscuits and toast.

So to plot and chart even more than I do in my mood/food diary (that I think will be a life partner from now on) has egged me on to do more exercise and eaten fewer 'treats'

My BIG thrill is after 11 weeks I have managed to run almost 10k without any need for walking splits. That for me is major. 11 weeks ago I couldn't make 100m without walking some of it.

Am pleased.

Not pleased at the scales still, but pleased and grateful to my body for forgiving me all the shit I have all too readily pumped into it given half a chance.

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Well done your body giving you great feedback!

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Hi K1972,

It's great to hear you've achieved the 10K run, that's a real achievement and something to definitely be proud of. Glad that you're feeling pleased. :-)

You mentioned that the week's been difficult emotionally, and well done for getting through the week - some weeks can definitely be more challenging than others, and I hope that the next week will bring you some more positives, on top of your existing achievements.

Wishing you a great week, and a positive onward journey.

Lowcal :-)


Thank you lowcal 😊

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Well done on the exercise ! I can't run for the life of me! But I fitted 3 45 minute swims for 3 weeks now! I'm chuffed even if i did have bad day again today.!

Keep on trucking


Well done on the 3x45 min swims xx

That is cardio and strengthening which ticks both the boxes on our little charts! Plus you are meeting the 150 min a week exercise...

Bravo 👍

As for having had a bit of a day...allow yourself and be kind to yourself...

I have just had 2 bits of pizza and feel not one jot guilty!


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